A Discography: Commissioned
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Album Title I'm Going On Go Tell Somebody On The Winning Side Will You Be Ready Ordinary Just Won't Do State of Mind Number 7 Matters Of The Heart Irreplaceable Love Time and Seasons
Record Label Light Records Light Records Light RecordsLight Records Light Records Benson Music Benson Music Benson Music Verity Records Verity Records
Group Members Original Members (Fred Hammond, Keith Staten, Karl Reid, Michael Williams, Michael Brooks, Mitchell Jones) Original Members Original Members Original Members Original Members Last album with Keith Staten and Michael Brooks Marvin Sapp, Eddie Howard Jr. and Maxx Frank debut Last album with Fred Hammond and Michael Williams Only album with Montrell Darrett as a member; last album with Marvin Sapp Chris Poole and Marcus Cole debut
Guests none none none Sharon Page, Witness, Byron Cage none none Transformation Crusade on rap RUN DMC and Chuckii Booker Shawn Stockman Rufus Troutman, Tim Bowman, Michael Mindangall's Communion (choir)
Other Info First issued independently before being picked up by Light Records for national distribution Parkes Stewart begins his long association with the group, contributing backing vocals Most urban of their albums; first album to be accompanied with concept video release; Eric and Anson Dawkins play; full-length video also released First cover of secular tune (Phil Collinsí "Another Day In Paradise"); Eric and Anson Dawkins sing; full-length video also released First album where all members donít make the album cover First album which remakes a previous Commissioned Song ("Ordinary Just Won't Do")
Hit Songs
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"I Am Going On", "Tis So Sweet", "Unworthy" "Go Tell Somebody", "Running Back to You", "Love Isnít Love", "Victory" "Strange Land", "Only What You Do For Christ Will Last", "Keep on Blessing Me" "Will You Be Ready", "So Good To Know", "Lord Jesus Help Me" "Ordinary Just Wonít Do", "If My People", "No More Loneliness" "He Set Me Free", "Let Me Tell It", "I Am Here" "Second Chance", "King of Glory", "I Love Thinking of U", "Victory" "Love Is The Way", "You Can Always Come Home", "Stand", "Dare To Believe", "Draw Me Nearer", "We Shall Behold Him" "Dominion", "Crucified With Christ", "Do You Still Love Me", "More Than I", "Till My Change Comes" "Testify", "Glorious Praise"