The Insider Interview with Commissioned Reunion Members: Keith Staten, Marcus Cole, Karl Reid

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Karl Reid Keith Staten Marcus Cole
What CD Are You Currently Listening To? Commissioned, Rick Braun, Mary Mary Frank McComb Israel and New Breed
What Is Your Most Annoying Habit? Not knowing when to say no! Singin' (all the time!) Acting out movie characters directly after watching a movie
What Was In Your Bag The Last Time You Left Target? Children's clothes Shaving cream, razors and toothpaste Household items
What's the One Thing You Can't Do To Save Your Life Laugh at church folk Hit a golf ball straight in a row 10 times Roller skating
What Is The Best Gift You Ever Received? My wife!! (really) Diamond ring My children
What Is The First Album You Ever Bought? George Duke The Winans Commissioned
When and How Did You Receive Your Salvation? Tarrying Service, 1978

At 12 years old Way back, I asked
What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment? Running, falling outside of an auditorium, with people asking for an autograph while I was still on the ground. Roller skating
What Are You Fanatical About? Quoting the Word correctly Worship Knowing God outside of tradition and religion
What Is Your Pet Peeve? Being late (people making me wife!) I hate seeing people eat with their mouth open. Ghetto and rude people.
What Is Your Best Quality? Doing what I said I would. I love people. My compassion.
If Music Werenít Your Career, What Would You Be Doing? Preaching. Some other full time ministry. Law.
What Is Your Most Memorable Concert Experience? Stockton, California, a very heavy anointing. Houston, Texas (2000)


My first date with Commissioned at Radio City Music hall
What Is Your Vice? Good coffee. Stealing other peopleís food from the refrigerator. Buying new CDs.
What Was Your First Car? í62 Chevy Impala 1984 Honda Civic Plymouth Acclaim
What Is Your Dream Car? 911 Porsche 1964 Corvette Jaguar S Type
What Product Would You Endorse If Asked? Benz K-Swiss Jaguar S Type
What Is Your Favorite Food Or Dish? Chicken, however (fried!) Turkey chili Stuffed chicken, rice, broccoli, mushrooms and capers
What Is The Best Dish You Can Prepare? Grilled steak, Oh my God!!! Hot dogs Frito surprise, itís a taco salad only with fritos —try it!
What Is A Phrase You Use Most Often? Oh Lord Jesus! Man, U crazy! "Now, I ainít the smartest man in the the world but..." And "I can show you better than I can tell you."
What Do You Collect? Coins. Old albums. Hats.
What Your Dream Duet Or Collaboration? CeCe Winans and me. My son Anthony Marvin Winans, James Taylor and Harry Connick Jr.: "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You"
What Is Your Favorite Movie? Aliens (all the movies). Shawshank Redemption Shawshank Redemption