Kirk Franklin's new solo album, HERO, hits stores on October 4, 2005. It's the first album on his Fo Yo Soul Entertainment label.

On this diary, Kirk checks in frequently to describe his time at MEGAFEST.


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January 7, 2005


Filed under: General — admin @ 11:39 pm

Mega-Fest is over… big thanks to Kirk Franklin for his daily contributions, and to all over you who flocked here to check in each day.
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January 4, 2005

At the Mega Youth Experience

Filed under: General — admin @ 8:35 pm

Tonight I ministered to the young people ages 13-17 at the Mega Youth Experience: You Are Not Forgotten service. This was the second year for me to be blessed with this opportunity.

At the Mega Youth Experience - You Are Not Forgetten service

There was a powerful time of ministry following the message. I was very impressed by the Spirit of God to do an altar call for young men who felt that somone had “dropped the baton” somewhere in their life and as a result, were living their life in anger and rage. The response absolutely blew me away.

Mega Youth Experience

God really gave me a word to deliver to these young boys about letting go of the anger, pain and rage that they were living with. We all cried out to God together for a change.

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• • • Putting you inside the gospel music industry.
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