George sings….

Published on December 15, 2005

George sings….

An update, a very long update!

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An update, a very long update!

George says THANKS

Published on November 4, 2005

George says THANKS.

On the Bus in LA

Published on September 27, 2005

I’m on the bus, connecting with you from LA!

Driving in my car, and keeping you updated

Published on September 23, 2005

More updates!

In Concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Published on September 17, 2005

My recap of the concert.

In Nashville Now.. and Some Preaching from George…

Published on September 16, 2005

An yeah, it’s George preaching some, too!

American Idol competition in Chicago

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My recap of my time at the American Idol competition in cold & rainy Chicago.

I Looooooooove Talking!

Published on September 12, 2005

700 Club tapings. Granola and… Helicopters?

George flies over New Orleans and describes the sites and smells he witnesses. God speaks to him about some things, as he flies over his old neighborhood.

New Orleans, Dr Phil and my Dad

Published on September 11, 2005

I reunite with my Dad!!