In Nashville Now.. and Some Preaching from George…

An yeah, it’s George preaching some, too!

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  1. Alana in Oregon Says:

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    Hey Brother! Thanks for catching up. I can’t wait to hear ALL you have to say!
    My love and prayers are with you.
    Alana Dalene Wells

  2. Trish Says:

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    You know what conclusion I’ve come up with? George needs a weekly show. I’ve been so insprired and filled with happiness listening to these blogs.

    George is funny, yet he makes so profound statements.

    I was starting to get worried because George didn’t really mention food in these past few blogs…but towards the end of this last one…George brought up his collard greens and corn bread!

    George this is the year of Miracles!!!!

  3. Marge Says:

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    I think it’s so wonderful that you are so busy and meeting all of YOUR idols. How cool is that?

    BUT PLEASE…PLEASE GEORGE PLEASE….warn someone before you go and talk about pushing it out and being thankful for it. OMG..I was just sitting there minding my own business, listening to the blog, drinking my iced tea….CHOKE..COUGH..COUGH…SPLAT all over the monitor and keyboard. Thanks a lot George! I never laughed so hard…what a nut!!


  4. walt northrup Says:

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    George HUFF,
    JUST HAPPENED TO RUN ACROSS UR BLOG ON MNMEASUREOF A good to hear ur voice again.wish other idols would do and ur big smile and happy manner
    about u will last forever to me.your one of a kind george.i’m going to look for ur album.many other past idols seemed to have just fell off the map.but u seem to be progresing right along..thank you and god bless.i’m a 61yr old grandpa and lov ya.

  5. Kathi Says:

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    Good for you, George! Just stay the course, keep your eye on the Prize! Wonderful surprises are in store for you, i just feel it! You have such an infectious smile, and a sincere attitude, you were born to preach and to bring JOY into the lives of others! Keep the Spirit, my friend. God Bless You.

  6. sandra Says:

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    Hello George, just went out and purchased your new CD and I LOVED it from start to end! I have been calling other fans of you that I know and recommending it to everyone I know. God is truly blessing you and I truly believe this is your season to shine!

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