American Idol competition in Chicago

My recap of my time at the American Idol competition in cold & rainy Chicago.

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  1. Marge Says:

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    LOL!! Come on couldn’t have been THAT cold. It was still summertime in Chicago. I lived there for 3 years and lived in Cleveland for many MANY years….come on to the north George, we’ll toughen you up. Now Chicago in January..THEN THEN THEN we’re talking COLD!! :)

    I loved your message to the aspiring Idols. I am sure it meant A LOT to them coming from you. Glad you got to see Jennifaah again.

    LOVE YOU!!

  2. TRISH Says:

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    I can’t wait till JANUARY!!!!

  3. On Television Says:

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    American Idol Competition

    Click through for the whole American Idol report….

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