In Concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania

My recap of the concert.

4 Responses to “In Concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania”

  1. TRISH Says:

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    awwwww I will take you to the mall SHOPPING!!! New Yorkers got style ;)

    That chicken Terryaki sounds REALLY you need not only to be a spokesperson for Popeyes but Subway as well!!!

  2. Cassandra Says:

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    LOL! George, I’m hungry too! And I will be sure to pray for your wardrobe! God bless you! :)

  3. Donna Says:

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    George - You are going to be in Victor, NY on October 16 at the Eastview Mall. If you are game, I would love to take you shopping afterwards. I LOVE to shop (like you LOVE to eat) and I know that I can spiff you up something crazy!!! I am serious!!! Then you can eat!!!


  4. Marge Says:

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    Boyyyyy…you got me HONGRY again!!

    Love you!!

    ps…to me, your wardrobe is just right :)

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