On the Bus in LA

I’m on the bus, connecting with you from LA!

10 Responses to “On the Bus in LA”

  1. TRISH Says:

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    AWWWWW those extra 10lbs look good on you!!! Enjoy Los Angeles!!!!

  2. Alana in Oregon Says:

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    Love you Brother! Praying for you!!!

  3. Angela Says:

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    You always look great George. Don’t worry about the weight, you stay so busy I’m sure it will come off all by itself.

    Keep smiling for the Lord and letting your light shine like only you can do.

  4. Peggy Says:

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    I don’t think soul alive out there that has followed you from day one will ever get tired of hearing or seeing you in any way, shape or form. We, and I proudly say “WE”, as a loyal member of the ever faithful “HUFFNATION” are all anxiously awaiting the release of your CD, my Christmas one is about wharped!! I know, as all the rest of your fans do, that you will be successful in all you do, because you are staying true to yourself and to God!! May HE be with you and your family always!

    Always A Huffanator,
    Peggy (AKA HuffisLane, Ace Reporter for the Huffnation)

  5. DéAunn Says:

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    Should you be blogging and driving at the same time? BE CAREFUL!

  6. Alana in Orygun Says:

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    Love you Brother!

  7. Kathy Says:

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    Hi George! Akron Ohio loves you and is praying for you. Hope you can make to our area soon!

    Love ya!

  8. Holly Guerin Says:

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    Are there any plans to have written transcripts done of your audioblog?

    I have been a huuuuuuge fan of yours since I saw your first audition! I had picked you to go to the final 32 and when you didn’t I was devastated. But God had another plan! And even after another close call, you got into the group of 8. When I heard the judges were picking their favorite 3 to go on, I knew right then Simon would choose you and you would go forward. Simon’s not stupid, he knows what people like and want to hear!

    Anyway, I am partially deaf but I love to listen to your music at full blast ;-D however, trying to hear the audioblog is difficult. Is there anyone who would want to volunteer to type out your audio posts?

    ~~~Love You in Louisiana!!!!~~~

    * Holly * (in Baton Rouge)

  9. Nathan Thomas Says:

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    Yo George!
    I respect you doc..I knew that the Idol judges would not get your tonation and style..
    I have not heard the album..but I did see you sing “Brighter Day” on Regis and Kelly..you looked a little nervous..but the voice was there..

    Check my music out and shout me son..
    I would love to do bgv’s for you if you are in NYC.

  10. Andrew Says:

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    Your fans in the ATL are behind you 100%. Keep on singing, smiling and doing your thing. The more the CD’s come in, the more we will buy.
    So, when will you and Fantasia do a gospel CD?????? Something to think about.

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