George says THANKS

George says THANKS.

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  1. braxsmi Says:

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    George I have been a fan since your audition for American Idol aired. There are no disappointments in any of the CD’s you released. I am concerned about the ear rings you have started wearing again. Is that necessary? Keep up the good work. Praying that God will ever keep you and your sincere heart and not let you be defiled with the things that come with this industry, be it Christian or Secular. I have relatives in both. You look good on your CD covers and website.
    Fan for life,
    Lady for Huff.

  2. Michelle Says:

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    George, Happy Birthday again!! I’m more than happy to be your ‘friend fan’ You are awesome!! And I’m so happy that it is happening for you! I’m looking very forward to seeing you in Cleveland if I can figure out when & where you’ll be… I know everybody tells you they love you & I am about to say the same. I love you… It must be odd to have people feel as if they know you & tell you that.. But you are an amazing person, with an amazing light!! I hope you have a great surprise birthday today.. And GOD BLESS you and your family. And tell your parents I said thanks for bring you here to brighten up a whole lot of peoples lives. And many fans may not tell you that.. But thanks to your parents and I thank GOD for giving you this wonderful talent… GOD BLESS you on your day George..

    Happy, happy Birthday….

    Love ya
    your friend-fan from myspace…

  3. Cory Says:

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    George! Happy Birthday! I am so proud of you and so glad that you have been blessed with 25 amazing years!I am proud to be called your friend. I wish you a fun, fabulous and wonderful day. Happy Birthday!


  4. Trish Says:

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    George no need to thank me….THANK YOU for all of the positive changes you’ve made in my life. You are such a special person.

    Happy Birthday - enjoy mama’s cooking!!! AND NO DUMPLINGS LOL…you just couldn’t resist talking about food lol!!!!

    I love you so much!

  5. Marge Says:

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    It still baffles my mind that GEORGE HUFF knows me by name!! (@ 3:06 on the dot just incase you wanted to know LOL) Let me tell you, I have played it back A MILLION times!

    I love you too Mr. Huff oh so much!! I will NEVER be able to thank you enough for everything that you have done for me.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May God’s grace shine on you today and ALWAYS!! Or as they say in New Orleans…Gawd’s blessings!


  6. Alana in Orygun Says:

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    Hello my brother! Have, well hope you HAD a wonderful day! Should be getting some goodies via Trish for me pretty soon!
    Love from Alana Dalene

  7. Trish Says:

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    I just had to listen AGAIN!!! I am just so happy to hear you so happy GEORGE!!!!

    PS all of us would LOVE to be in your next video!!!

  8. DéAunn Says:

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    Hey George, I’m twice your age!!! You turned 25 on the 4th and I turned 50 on the 6th. Happy belated birthday! I like sharing my birthday month with you.

    I’ve been listening to your CD and it’s fabulous!! I also just found out that your website has a store now. Gotta have a black hoodie.

    Thanks for keeping in touch and sharing your life with us. You radiate God’s love. What a blessing you are.

    Take care (and come to Minnesota)

  9. Sophie Says:

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    Hey George,

    You’re so wonderful, PLZ come to Montreal,Canada soon I swear I’m going to try to fill up the place hahaha…Ur album is like the greatest ever. I’m 15 and no you’re not old hahaha…24 is not old at all:) I’ve been reading,searching and listening from you since AI3 Top 32…

    Have a nice day!!!!

  10. DéAunn Says:

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    Hey George,
    I just heard that Jennifer got the lead role in the new Dream Girls movie!!! Holy Moly, you must be very proud of her. Sad for Fantasia but TOTALLY EXCITED for Jennifer.

    Take care Mr George,

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