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Breakfast and Expectations

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Had breakfast with Bishop Tudor Bismark this morning. Everybody had a sense of heavy and high expectation. Video loaded in at about 10am. Its always good when in the preliminary moments the video truck is a buzz with “oooh’s” and “aaaah’s”. I didnt feel any nerves necessarily, just a strong desire to be found faithful in what we’re here for. When we pulled up there was already a long line (they call it a ‘queue’ over here) outside.

Got a nasty hum in the entire system about 1pm…SCARY!!! We cleared the stage and just prayed it would all work out. And… it was just in time; some kind of power, grounding, electrical something or anther thing. Ya know - distraction.

I walked Meleasa to her seat, that was fun. Houselights up and people just hanging around for the start. Then Aaron Lindsey, myself and a few others went to the stage and had kind of an impromptu workshop with the crowd. Somewhat of an icebreaker. It was so cool. We taught a few songs and had the singers walk through the crowd and just be accessible and light. Now I’m just waiting for the lights to go down for the 3pm service, very excited!

I’ll recap tomorrow.


Getting Ready…

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I was awakened by Don Wilkinson our road manager to attend to some… some… we’ll just say local issues. It all worked out well though.

The lights look great now, so ‘hakunamatata’ lived up to its message!

One of my best friends in the world, Louis Upkins and his wife Charita flew in today and seeing them immediately warmed my heart.

This morning with the help of a local bishop, my friend Theo Noble, I called an impromptu meeting and gathering with the local worship leaders, musicians, and gospel groups. We expected around 40-50 people at such short notice however, 350 beautiful, hungry people showed up. We had the greatest experience incredibly memorable. We went from that moment to another with Pastor Scott Jones from Houston TX. He assisted us in driving a stake into the ground and claiming the promises of God pertaining to this project and the city…. Incredible!

We came back inside and finalized the run-through. Everything looks and sounds good. In closing we had communion together tonight which just solidified our mission and assignment here. Sure feels like something special is inevitable.


First Single

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Here is the debut single from the new album. It’s "No Limits, No Boundaries".

The Music, The Children, The Lighting

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Got done at about midnight with my haircut. Then we went to a restaurant. Cape Town is such a vibrant city with such culture, we ended up around a piano singing worship songs for drunk people, it was outstanding! Imagine bombed people singing “I Am a Friend of God” at a piano bar at 4 AM. You had to be there!

The ultimate sucker punch. We went to Babumelele Children’s Home this morning at 8:30am. So needless to say I relied heavily on caffeine consumption but, my heart was SO moved seeing these precious children sing and dance and smile in the middle of some pretty challenging conditions and surroundings. We were so blessed to connect with Bishop Charles Blake and Save Africa’s Children contingency. Just some beautiful and powerful moments.

Went straight to rehearsal after that, and were still firing on almost cylinders. Little nervous about lighting, but I’ve been told not to worry… Hakunamatata… and all that… PRAY!!!

It’s Cold Like Winter!

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Woke up this morning at 8 AM to take the team to Table Mountain. Only problem is, it was raining like crazy and very cold. This is South Africa’s winter and believe it or not… it is! We’re hoping the weather clears up by the weekend.

The sound is absolutely stunning! House sounds great, monitors sound killer, it’s a sure fire way to get me smiling. Our special guests came in today, very very exciting. I’ll let you know on Saturday who this suprise guest is. I’m anticipating something very awesome. Feels like God is up to something. ‘Bout to get a haircut… did I mention Eros Shaw is the world’s greatest barber?

Getting Technical Stuff Set Up

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For some reason I had the hardest time waking up this morning. I was just sleeping so good. If this keeps up I may actually catch up to 1993 on my sleep! We did some shopping at Green Market Square today, it’s like a flea market. Got some cool local stuff. Met some really beautiful and interesting people.

Jayme, Mike, Marvin and our local team led by and incredible man named Ezra got the stage set, and all the speakers mounted today. Starting to feel really good on the technical front. So far we are exactly on schedule. We’ve had a few changes but nothing way out of the ordinary. I was told that all the tickets for both show’s are gone, and people are requesting to line up overnight for standing room only space. INCREDIBLE!! SCARY!!, EXCITING!!

The rest of the team flew in today. Eros Shaw our barber also flew in so trust me….. I’m happy! I was starting to look a little bit frightening! We had an outstanding dinner and time of prayer at Ezra’s home tonight with every body, so sweet.

Everyone seems to have a front-footed stance of anticipation about this week. It does feel like a project, it feels like an assignment. Please continue to pray for us!!! it’s late I’m tired and unlike today I do not get to sleep in tomorrow.

Check in with you tomorrow night.

Add Your Comments?

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Arriving in Cape Town

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We have been on the continent of Africa for exactly a week. What a week it has been so far. We’ve been in some of the best church services ever. Our journey first took us to Harare, Zimbabwe to attend the Jabula Conference hosted by Bishop Tudor Bismark.

Truly life changing!!

We had an incredible time in concert last night and tried some of the new material. “Not Forgotten”, “Away” and “No Limits” seemed to really work. It is definitely raising my anticipation for Cape Town.

We landed in Cape Town about 1:00 PM today. We were all pretty tired after waking up at 4:30 AM but we were suddenly rejuvenated when we heard authentic African drums welcoming US! It was awesome.

Checked out the venue tonight (His People Center). Killer!! This is going to be something special.

I’ll up date you tomorrow. Keeps us in your prayers.

Welcome to Israel & New Breed’s Journal

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Welcome to Israel & New Breed’s Journal! has hooked up with Israel and his New Breed team, who are on location in Cape Town, South Africa, to prepare and set up for their live recording on August 20th, for their next Integrity Gospel album, Live in South Africa.

Stay tuned as Israel checks in frequently to give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on everything going on at the bottom of the globe. In South Africa!!!