Adrianne Archie

The neosoul style continues to gain strength in the Gospel with the debut of Adrianne Archie. The Louisville, Kentucky native and recent college graduate has won several talent contests, and her album proves why.

CDUniquely titled HTHAELHH, you may have difficulty pronouncing it, but you’ll have no trouble listening, with its diversity of sound. There’s no shortage of quality cuts.

"Always on Time" is a jam with a unique sound speaking of how God healed Archie. The beat that Joel L. Goodwin lays down is infectious and Archie’s vocals are especially cool in the minor key setting of the piece.

"It is Well" is the ultimate party song filled with hand-claps, and encouraging lyrics. Hit the repeat button, and dance! The praise party continues with "Jesus U Reign". The song cries out for inclusion on praise team repertoires, with its simple chorus, basic chording and lack of verses. Funky!

The title track has a techno beat, but keeps the Rhodes up front for that organic, soulful vibe. Archie abandons the norm with her musical approach, often moving in minor keys on the verses, and adding in nice harmonies. "Way We Praise" has some great layered vocals, and is just one of those songs good to vibe to. With its staccato beat, but still overall smoothness, Archie uses it to encourage people to enter into 'His gates.'

Adrianne Archie"Praise Elevation" was recorded 'live in the studio' with guitar and vocals (both from Archie). While it is too short, the cut clearly shows why she has walked away with so many top honors at talent shows.

"Push Myself" is a motivational ballad about Archie’s determination to use God’s strength and push through life’s trials. "Take It" is a dope R&P joint with clever wordplay and lush instrumentation from Goodwin.

Your head will continue to bob on "Saints Go Marchin' In", as Goodwin lays a pulsating beat while weaving the jazzy Rhodes throughout. "You Never Change" is another memorable number that is mostly chorus and ad libs.

So take note of Adrianne Archie, an artist making waves. HTHAELHH is unlike anything out there right now. Pick it up and be blessed.

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Producer: Joel Goodwin
album release date: May, 2005
Soul LinQ Productions

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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