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PAJAM: Sing To The Lord

Fred Hammond made a huge mark on the Gospel community with his In The House series for Integrity Music, taking praise and worship songs popular in predominately white churches, and giving them an urban edge.

CD Now PAJAM partners with Integrity to present Sing to the Lord, a project with much the same concept, with superb renditions of recent praise choruses, plus some new stuff to boot.

PAJAM turn to their own, bringing in their new urban trio 21:03 along with Lowell Pye of Men of Standard, Leya Derrickson and Monique Lee.

"Open the Eyes of My Heart" gets a little reworking with Darrell Dixon's wah-wah guitar work serving as the icing on the cake. Look to Jared Anderson's "Rescue" for an example of PAJAM's excellence in balladry work.

Paul 'pda' Allen writes and lays down the track for the instant classic, "Father", a brand new uptempo jam that is bound to resonate in the church sanctuary. Pye's ad libs on "Sing" help to give it a more churchy vibe, while the musicians go to work. "Praise Adonai", an already beautful song, gets a midtempo, swinging makeover to add a little spice.

PAJAM and Integrity Gospel head honcho Jackie Patillo focused on some of the worship songs that have changed the atmosphere of churches across the globe in recent years. "I Need You More" becomes a smooth jazzy/R&P song that is ideal for one's quiet time with God.

The ever-so-popular, "Worthy is The Lamb" flows in the same vein as Darlene Zsech's original with the only difference being a stellar arrangement and the outstanding harmonies of the vocal crew, making it a song that will burn your repeat button.

"My Redeemer Lives" is changed up so much that you can easily forget it's a redo. Think Amerie's "It's Just One Thing" meets Hillsongs. With that PAJAM insurance fortifying it, don't be surprised if it becomes a jam anthem in youth and regular services alike.

J.Moss contributes the urban traditional ballad, "There All The Time". Because it's J Moss, the vocals are tight and the words are emphatic.

PAJAM excels at bringing an urban edge to these beautiful gems without letting them lose the lustre of their original appeal. Sing To The Lord should create a buzz in the industry and rightfully so.

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Production: PAJAM
album release date: January 30, 2007
Integrity Gospel

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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