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Not Guilty CD In October 2000, we held a contest in celebration of the relesae of John P. Kee's double CD, Not Guilty. Sponsored by Verity Records, we invited you to submit a mini-essay in honor of Pastor Kee. Of the numerous entries, the following were chosen to win the prize of the entire catalogue pack of 15 CDs / videos of The New Life Community Choir, spanning the past several years.

Hats off to all of you who entered, and congratulations to the winners!

Stanley Bray, St. Louis, MO—  John P. Kee has discovered the true essence of gospel music — to encourage, to edify, to build up. The music of John Kee has helped in establishing cohesive music departments, as well as preparing individuals for the work of the ministry. When one hears songs like Wait On Him, Wash Me Lord and Stand, the listener must take to heart the message behind the music. John not only delivers the message, but embodies the message in his music. God bless John and New Life in their endeavors to reach the world through the gift of music.  

Geneva Smith, Florissant, MO—  Iíve watched John P Kee from his first release with Edwin Hawkins, to Jesus is Mine, to Jesus is Real and on up. Iíve watched his identity develop into his own style and flavor. Iíve always been blessed by his ministry. His songs have very powerful words. John is very approachable in concerts and I love to see how he blesses people randomly in the audience. However, in 1998 I found myself with child and in need of much encouragement. The song "Strength" and the entire recording got me through a very difficult time in my life as a single mom. "My Life is in Godís Hands" also was a very helpful song. The words really hit home as to my status in life at the time. What was really wonderful was one Saturday evening when I was 7-8 months pregnant, I was folding our church bulletins at home on the couch, watching the video of "Strength". "Clap Your Hands" came on and my little baby started moving inside me. She likes John P. Kee, too. You should see her dance at his concerts. John has been nothing but goo d to the Gospel music ministry.  

A. Maloy, Elmhurst, New York—  The annointed and appointed one has helped me when I have been at rock bottom. I Strength CDhave been singing gospel music of many other gospel singers but when I can go to a CD and play "We Made It", "I Do Worship"", "Survive", or "Jesus is Real" to name a few and the Holy Spirit just take over and stop me from yielding to temptation. Johnís music has just encoraged me to keep on singing and "LIVING" for the Lord. When my bad 2 year old nephew can catch on to CLAP YOUR HANDS and get grandma to join in and clap and sing there just has to be an annointing there. "GOD BLESS JOHN P. KEE!"  

J. Matthew Cobb, Birmingham, AL—  Truly, to be real honest with you, I have come to this one conclusion, due to the transition of musical styles and amazing artists that have come and gone, I have learned that the anointing of God stays the same. And you can tell when God has found much favor upon a person, when their fruit is still pure, ripe before God and continues to hold a consistency of effectiveness through the course of time. Just like the Word of God...the Bible says that "heaven and earth will all pass away, but His Word will remain forever throughout all eternity."

Every time I hear a John P. Kee composition, even without knowing before hand he wrote it or produced it, I can tell he wrote it or his conception was behind that song. Not just because of his musical prowess and because of the clear perception that is heard throughout his recordings...not just because of his excellent ability to pour out his whole soul on a pumpy melody and not because of his well-esteemed vocal techniques...I believe all of that makes a great singer....and we have seen great singers over the years and great writers. But I know John P. Kee will go down into history because of one specific thing that is greater than all of those accomplishments that are truly evident about him that I first mentioned. It is because of his faithfulness to being true to Godís Word.

When I first got saved, I remember the genuine clarity that John P. Kee executed in his compositions that not only drove me to buy the CD but to actually live the CD. Before I ever picked up a Bible, the grooves and tunes of his songs caught my attention but it was the words that brought me new life. Words like: "Jesus is real, I know Heís real to me" became an anthem to me...it became a declaration of faith for my walk with the Lord...words from "Strength"...straight from the scripture...words from "Show Up!" and lyrics like "I shall do...just what He says" and ďEverytime I turn aroud, Heís making w wayĒ became divine encouragement and strength for my journey with God and it gave me something to be proud of. Not only I had a song to sing...but I knew what I was singing about. It was the Word of God...and every time I hear a John P. Kee selection, whether itís "Because Of These Things" off of New Divine Destiny album (I love that song) or "God Of Mercy" off of Inner Cityís album, I KNOW that itís the Word of God...and that helped me indeed to become a better believer...knowing what God promised me. I love other artists...donít get me wrong...other artists highlight scripture too...but I believe gospel music should be more than just telling a story with a "phat" groove and hook...gospel music should be the Word of God made manifest into a personal testimony thatís worth singing. And I know that John P. Kee has done just that.

Thatís why, in my opinion, that John P. Kee is one of the greatest influential gospel artists that has ever embraced this side of heaven. I thank God for you, Pastor Kee, for your faithfulness in bringing Godís Word to life through music. May God continue to bless you and use you for His service.  

L. Fields, Yonkers, New York—  I am 19 years old and John P Kee has played a big part in my life. I was struggling with the loss of my father and wavering in my walk with God. I started doing things that wasn't pleasing to God. I was in trouble and just acting out because of the pain that I was experiencing in my life. Through his singing I have turned my life around.if it wasnt for the songs stand Show Up CDfrom the CD ďStandĒ and for surrender from the ďShow UpĒ CD I wouldnít of made it through. both these song showed me that all I had to do was be still and let God have his way in my life. now I am the praise and worship leader in my church, I am in school and I have group by the name of stronghold. God has placed a ministry in my life and I am willing to go all the way inspite of all.  

W. Chichester, Bealeton, Virginia—  John P. Kee, considered the "Prince of Gospel", is truly a man of many talents. From his soulful, down-home ballads (such as "Lily in the Valley") to his contemporary Hip-Hop songs (such as "Not Guilty"), Kee signifies the evolutionary sounds of Gospel. His success can be attributed to his ability to transform his musical presentation yet continue to deliver the same essential message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This extraordinary ability has always kept John P. Kee at the top of many Gospel lovers A-List (including my own). Though Iím only 18 years old, I have seen John P. Kee in action, on and off stage. I will always regard Kee as a "bridge", spanning across the great generational breach between the youth and older saints. Congratulations, Brother Kee on a successful ministry and musical career! Keep your head up, for all of your help & STRENGTH cometh from the Lord.  

A. Cherry, West Monroe, Louisiana—  I remember a very depressing time in my life. I had always known about Jesus, but I really didnít know Him. I did know that something had to change, or Iíd break! One day, I heard "Jesus Is Real" and flipped out! It encouraged me, so I ran to buy the tape and ended up with "We Walk by Faith". It was then that I heard "New Life" and began to weep. That day, I gave my life to the Lord, and I am still walking in that New Life! Thanx, Pastor Kee for being used by GOD.  

S. Terry, Charlotte, North Carolina—  I just want to thank God for an awesome man of God.I not only celebrate in him being an excellent but I celebrate more about him being an anointed Pastor. Pastor Kee is a pastor that not only teaches the word but lives the word.He allows me to know that no one is better than anyone and no one can judge you because of your past.That regardless of your past you are still NOT GUILTY.. We have the ex crack addict, the ex prostitute, the doctor and the lawyer all sitting in the same row.And all of them are treated the same as Partakers and children. Thanks Pastor Kee for being an excellent Pastor and letting the nation know that they are NOT GUILTY!!!  

A. Holt, Lansing, Michigan—  John P. Kee has had a positive influence on my life even before I got saved. I would be in the car with my older sister who was saved and she would have a John P. Kee tape in and it would really minister to me. I would never let her know but the lyrics in "I Love You" really touched my heart. That is my favorite song even until today.  

T. Stevenson, Farmington Hills, Michigan—  Outstanding! I donít think I have been more excited about a John P. Kee project as I am about the "Not Guilty" project. It was the song that talks about "waiting patiently" (on the upcoming album) that makes me just want to leap out of my seat whenever I hear it! (Itís on the radio now as I write this message! Whew!) I appreciate the ministry, esp. when he and the choir ministered in Detroit during this past summer. I appreciate your energy and dedicating to reaching not just lost souls, but those souls that many would not even try to go and snatch back from the enemy. Be encouraged! Keep on doing what youíre doing! May God continue to bless you all! Peace and prosperity!  

W. Barr, Miami, Florida—  As far as I can remember back down to the age of five, I was watching Rev. John P. Kee on Bobby Jones back in 1990 singing "It Will Be Alright." "Wash Me", and "Wait On Him" were the first gospel albums I own and still have to Wash Me CDthis day. When I was young all I knew to do was sing his music and have church. But as I got older, and my relationship with Christ grew Iíve learn to appreciate his music and Thank God for giving him those lyrics. When I was going through and didnít know if I was going to make, Iíll hear his song "Be encourage" and let me that everything we be o.k. When I got delivered I knew I could clap my hands and say amen. I thank God for Rev. Kee and his music because it has truly changed my life. I praise God for continuing to use him, because I know that Its the anointing that makes a difference not only in his life, but our lives as well. God Bless You.  

J. Moore, Oakland, California—  As a child, my mother would always play a variety of gospel music at home. Whether it was Shirley Caesar or the Hawkins Family, God was definitely dwelling in our house. I liked gospel music, but it wasnít until I saw a gospel video entitled "Wash Me" by John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir that my life began to change. I never experienced anything like that video before. Young people who I could relate to singing and praising God in song. My favorite part was when John and Issac would go back and forth singing on "More Love To Thee". "Jesus is Real" is the one song I remember most that started my true relationship with God. Since then, John has been such an important vessel that God has blessed me with. I have had the privledge of seeing John a number of times here in the Bay Area. Believe it or not, I still have a ticket stub in my wallet all the way from 1988 when John ministered at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA.

In closing I would like to say: Because of John and the ray of light that God has allowed to shine through him, I know that I can "STAND". If I just "SURRENDER" my life and "WAIT ON HIM", I know He will "SHOW UP". As "WE WALK BY FAITH" and remain "COLORBLIND" to the negatives in life, God will provide that "LILY IN THE VALLEY" that is so bright. I remember when I used to rely on mommaís prayers, but now itís "JUST ME THIS TIME" asking God to give me "STRENTGH" to carry on. As I lift my hands and say "YES LORD", I "NEVER SHALL FORGET" that it is You who loves me so. I pray that you continue to "Wash ME" daily and because of Your stripes I am healed and found "NOT GUILTY". God Bless you John P. Kee!!  

K. Crampton, Milwaukee, Wisconsin—  I just want to say that Pastor Kee is all that and a bag of bananas. I have followed this man of God since "Give Us Peace." When I heard him say "me me mema mema me me me me" I said this guy is going to run gospel music for years to come. If you know anything about his music, you know thatís how he ended the song "Jesus Lives In Me." The reason he has impacted my life so much is because I gave my life to Christ at a John P Kee concert. I have seen him live at least 12 times. He cannot be within a 200 mile radius of me and I not attend his performances. I donít know if he remembers or not, but when I met him at a church in Milwaukee back in Ď 94 or Ď 95, I told him in a joking manner that he was in my debt because I had a radio show at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and no one knew him.

By the time I graduated in 1993, everyone on campus who listened to gospel music had all of his recordings to date. I would sometimes be on the air for two hours and say "we are going to have a John P Kee night and only play his music." People loved that. I only wish that there was some way to get the songs he recorded on the 1st Young Artist For Christ album. Being a DJ I had that record on wax and my dumb brother put my crate of records in front of the radiator and warped them. Songs like "When You Pray," "Down on my Knees," "I Love the Lord" were lost forever. Every June 4th I call New Life Productions and wish him Happy B-day. Shannon and Chris have really grown over the years. I know Chris laughs everytime he seeís that orange suit from the Wash Me Video.

Even though I met him once, I only know him soley as an artist, but I feel like I have a relationship with him. He is so cool. I read anything that has his name on it, and buy any music that has his name on it. I thought is was pretty cool to name the new baby Tradell after his late brother. I know John John is happy to be a big brother. I could go on and on about Jeanette Taylor, Shelia, and the whole new life gang from meeting them in concert. I hate that Ro is no longer wiht the group. The Lord has placed him on my heart lately. The reason I title this response "Keep the Prize" is because I own every album or video your giving away already.(smile) Pastor Kee, I will be praying for you and Sis Felice, John John, Cutie Pie Shannon, Chris, Tradell and the entire New Life family. P.s. Tell Victor Hendrix from Texas o go vote and stop signing the guest book so much:-) Peace.  

D. Miller, Chicago, Illinois—  The ministry given by God to Pastor Kee is one I pay close attention to and enjoy. I enjoy his ministry because: (1) he is a man of God; and (2) we have similar callings. I beleive there are some artists who are not called and it shows by thier music and the brevity of ministry. Pastor Kee, however, I believe, from reading the stories on his website, looking over his longevity, and feeling the anointing on his music, he is really living what he trying to get people to listen to. It is that anointing that enables me to use his music to usher me into the prescence of God. Itís that anointing that assits me in my own worship. The Pastor realizes itís not about poplularity; itís not about whoís the best at something, or any other carnal reason. Itís about ministry--Godís ministry; a portion of which has been invested in him. With that ministry he reaches out to save, heal, and deliver. He is a man of God used by God for the glory of God. We also have similar callings.

Unlike Pastor Kee, Iím sti ll being qualified for mine. God has spoken to me Wait On Him CDthat I will be a producer; that I will be a pastor; and that I will even own my own record company among some other mind blowing things. So, itís interesting to see the life of someone whoís already there to see how they deal with the various aspects of life and the joys and dilemmas it brings before I get there. I try to get inside information on the lives of men as himself, Ben Tankard, Fred Hammond to gain some wisdom that I can use when I am able to handle the blessings he has for me so that my travels will, perhaps, be easier to bear. Thank you and God bless you  

A. Williams, Brooklyn, New York—  Hello, Iím seventeen years old. I just wanted to say how John P. Keeís "Stand" and "Strength" cd really helped me to understand how to get through my tough times. I was at a point in my life when I wanted to give up on everything (especially school, and playing the piano). Then I listened to my church choir sing John P. Keeís "Stand", and that really lifted my spirit. I also listened to John P. Keeís "Strength" album and that really caused me to realize how to get through my tough times in life. Now I am in college, and play the piano for the Life Center along with Teddy Rollins and Rufus Jackson Jr.(Musicians for Hezekiah Walker) and I am really thankful  

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