A 'Chatterview'

Tonéx recently spent some time in our chat room, dropping fascinating tidbits left, right and center to those in session with him. We did our best in trying to jot it all down. Call it a a chatterview!

Tonéx Talks About Nureau:

"Nureau, that's what I call my style of music. It means 'new row'. As in a new row in a church pew, a new row on the retail shelf etc. It's a category of music all by itself."

Tonéx Talks About His Email Tag:

Tonéx'2 Each His Own' [Ed. the phrase Tonéx signs off all his email correspondance with]. "The key is that the 'His' is capitalized. That should make it obvious what it means. None of us can judge each other's call because their call is not our own..."

Tonéx Talks About Collaboration in the Works:

"I've got a collaboration with B.B.Jay in the works, and also one with Lauryn Hill. I would say Lauryn Hill is the artist that inspires me most. It's like we're almost the same spirit in a different gender, we were both born in the same year, and she was born 2 days before me in 1975. I was born on May 16." [Ed. after this chatterview, Tonéx clarified that no Lauryn Hill collaboration has been set, but that he would like to pursue one.]

"I'm also working with Winans Phase 2 on their next album right now, and have plans for a collaboration with Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and John P. Kee."

"Then there's my wife, Yvette Williams (nicknamed Zsa Zsa). She's from Chicago, formerly a member of The Tommies. I'm working on her album."

"Unity Klan has a new album due next year (UK3), it's blazin', and then there new solo joints from Big J and Jaz, also fully produced by T.Boy with 5.0."

"I just finished Jah Word's album last week. I dig his style BIG TIME. It's HOTTTTT. Due out next year."

"Oh yeah, I also think that J.Moss' Kmart commercial is off the hinges."

Tonéx On Preaching:

"Preaching is my first call, singing is a side order."

Tonéx On His Production of Kelli Wiliams CD, In The Myx of Your Will:

"Originally the idea was for the album to be called 'B.I.O.N.I.C.' That stands for 'biblically intuitive offspring neglecting internal carnality'. Intuitive!! Kelli was supposed to be like Jamie Summer from Bionic Woman. Kelli was to be like an airline stewardess, all meek and mild. Then the airplane crashed and she was the only survivor. T-boy and 5.0 were supposed to serve as her cyber experimentalists and reconstruct her to be a Christian superhero fighting demonic principalities for the welfare of the Body of Christ. There was actually a better version of the song "B.I.O.N.I.C." than what made the album. That's why Kelli says (on that song), "I got a new pair of arms and they work, and I got a new pair of legs and they work..."

Tonéx On His Re-release of Pronounced Toe-Nay:

"There's a single coming up from that album, "Personal Jesus", with 7 remixes. "Automatic" will probaly be on the B side of the single. It'll be available in vinyl too."

"I'm shooting my first video around the second week in October. Shooting will be in New York. It'll be for the song 'Taxi'."

"My hair? It takes about 3-4 hours to get my hair done."

Tonéx On His Future Projects:

Tonéx"Well, 2001 will bring you MSS The Dynasty: Hostile Takeover as well as T.Boy and 5.0's new album, Sureshock."

"I'm doing a movie that will have B.B.Jay, Busta Rhymes, Xzbit and Tiny from Friday, costarring Gibraan from New Divine Order. The movie soundtrack is already complete. It will be out this time next year."

"The movie story line is bascially abaout a brother who is mad gifted and anointed but the church don't feel his style so he signs a secular contract cuz the church won't allow his gift to operate."

Tonéx On Rock Music:

"I wouldn't mind, just look at POD, a Christian rock band also on Rescue Records. But they're not gong around saying they're Christian. The listeners can figure out what your saying if they listen. The consumer isn't stupid. That way they can take GOD to MTV or anwhere without labelling themselves but letting the music and lifestyle speak for themselves."

as 'heard' in the chatroom here at GospelFlava.com

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