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Welcome to the third installment of "It's Your Flava!", where we from time to time invite opinion and comments from visitors. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of GospelFlava.com

Dwayne Lacy takes the mic on this flava segment. He is a graduate of Sam Houston StateDwayne Lacy University in Huntsville, Texas, with a Bachelor's degree in Radio and Television, and is currently the choir director, youth dance team co-leader, and children's church worker at Family Faith Church in Huntsville. Claiming musical influences from Fred Hammond, Tonéx, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Winans, the Gotee Records roster, Darrel Evans and others, he believes that "Christian music is going to take over". Dwayne's opinions and facts are his own.

"The Gospel Music Industry: A Few Concerns"
Submitted by Dwayne Lacy—February, 2000

In the Gospel Music industry (ministry), I have a few issues that I wanted to bring up.

Why are some artists marketed more than others? I know that some record companies have more money than others (B-Rite Music, Myrrh), but I believe that the promotion of many of our anointed artists is lacking. Let's take Deitrick Haddon for instance. This guy has the total package. This package includes: an awesome band, Dawkins and Dawkins great back-up singers, good stage presence, a ridiculous singing wife, and a big heart for youth. I will compliment Tyscot for the marketing of his video and album, Chainbreaker, but it was only for a limited time.

Another example would be Dawkins and Dawkins. These guys released a maxi-single, for "Wrapped Up." That song is off the hinges, but I did not see a great deal of advertisements for that song. It was complete with a remix of "Wrapped Up" and two smoking remixes of "Need to Know". They even made a video for that single, but you never heard a lot about it, even though everyone knows that they are good enough to be played on secular radio and video stations.

Then there's Montrell Darrett. Man, he should be blowing up, but what's up?

Let me clarify myself by saying that my ulterior motive behind this is souls. I want the music to reach every venue possible and take the Gospel everywhere. It would bring more money to the Kingdom of God, and I believe that it would pique the interest of many unbelievers. I want souls to be saved. I know that some Gospel record companies have made strides in their marketing and promotional strategies, but I believe that there are more strides to be made. I talk to many of the young people from my church, and they don't know about many of the awesome Gospel artists that are out. When they hear them, they are amazed!

I also believe that some of our saved brothers and sisters that are millionaires should try to invest in more FM Gospel stations across the country. When God blesses me"Click on this image for info on the Bridges CD to make that much, I will definitely be involved in buying and investing in an FM Gospel station. Until then I have to continue to pray that more will spring up. I will love to have a 24-hour station that is geared towards young people. The format would be urban uontemporary, hip-hop, and christian alternative/rock music. That would help build bridges.

Speaking of building bridges, there needs to be more Gospel artists collaborating with contemporary (CCM) artists. I know that can be a difficult task, but man it's needed. I think that it can be done. The Bridges project (from the Provident/Verity camp) proved that it could be done. I believe that it takes compromise from both sides, but it would help bring the "white" and "black" audiences together.

I believe that the Integrity Music "In the House" series with Fred Hammond is ingenious. The series gives an urban edge to the traditional praise and worship songs, thereby building bridges between the urban and the praise and worship audiences. Let's build more bridges. Read Psalms 133.

I was really concerned about Tonéx and the way that he was treated. Listening to his Circu$$ EP really disturbed me. This man sounds like someone who was really treated terribly by the record industry. His album came out at the end of 97, and it's going to be re-released in April 2000. Would you be slightly disturbed? I Click on this image for Rev. George Searight and 
Royal Priesthood know that there are two sides to every story, but there are still some "kinks" that need to be worked out in the Gospel Music industry.

Speaking of Tonéx, I was wondering why certain artists don't have performances in certain regions. Since I live in Texas, let me speak for my region. You hardly ever hear of artists like Natalie Wilson and the SOP Chorale, Tonéx, Hezekiah nem', Deitrick Haddon, George Seawright and Royal Priesthood, Montrell and many other artists doing shows down here. I would love to see these saints minister live. So promoters, artists, fans, and managers let's work together to try to get our groups in more regions.

In closing, I would like to say that I love Gospel music, and the Gospel record companies, it's just that I have these few concerns. I pray for the industry because I know the importance of music. Music can reach people before they even hear a preacher. With the anointing behind our music, I think that more souls will be saved in the new millennium than ever before. Continue to support Gospel and Christian Music, and let's win people to the Lord.

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