Angelo and Veronica

Angelo & Veronica Petrucci return to the recording scene after a three-year absence, with Change, which also serves as their debut with Harmony Records. The 13-track effort is laced with infectious urban grooves and ministry-driven lyrics focused on improving the Christian’s daily life.

The husband and wife duo join forces with producers Donald Lawrence, Michael Powell and J. Moss (of PAJAM) to bring a diverse and distinctively Angelo and Veronica CD urban effort to the masses. The project begins with the title track, which with simmering vocals, rhythm on lock, and lyrical exhortation, is an indicator of the direction that the project takes. Other urban, energy-filled tracks include “I’ve Been Thinking” and “Make Up Your Mind” featuring a cameo rap appearance by J. Moss.

Donald Lawrence works up an extraordinary arrangement with joyous backing vocals on “Shine On Me”, showcasing Angelo and Veronica at their best, as they trade and combine leads throughout.

Another highlight of the project is Angelo’s cover of the 80’s Fred Hammond (Commissioned) hit, “Running Back to You”. The couple also perform an entertaining arrangement of the Bill Withers classic, “Just the Two of Us”, and capitalize on Veronica’s Puerto Rican heritage and the recent popularity of Latin music with “Praise the Lord”. This Angelo-produced track has a sizzling Latin edge and includes a mix of both English and Spanish lyrics.

Also included in the mix is an intensely urban Christmas jam titled “Wrapped Up (In a Baby Boy), just in time for the holiday season. This enjoyable listening experience to an end with a passionate invitation to Christ given by Pastor Gregory Dickow.

This duo has always been one of the highlights of the urban gospel scene. Their return to this arena certainly serves as a refreshing Change. The album comes highly recommended.

Producers: J. Moss, Michael J. Powell, Donald Lawrence, Angelo Petrucci
album release date: September 21, 1999

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner and Stan North —

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