The Bishop's Choir
Live At The Cathedral

It’s another musical plug for Trenton, New Jersey as the sounds of Grace Cathedral Fellowship Ministries come alive on this project.

Under the direction of minister of music Jeanne M. Wilcox and music director D. Corey Shipley, The Bishop’s Choir give a full throttle ride of the much appreciated mix of traditional and east coast vamp.

Live At The Cathedral CDThe style is never more evident than on Wilcox’s “Worthy To Be Praised”, the strongest cut on the CD. The vibe of the elements is familiar, with good melody and choir vibrato highlighted by some kickin’ bass from Robert Ruffis and Bryon Ravenell’s rhythm programming supplementing Brandon Mullen’s live drums.

“Bless His Name” gets the vocal parts special, as tenors, altos and sopranos take their turns in laying lines in staggered fashion on top of each other. Melda Grant steps in on the vamp to give honor to Jesus in all His titles, before the whole mix gets reprised with drones of organ swells and funky ad lib twists.

Shipley’s re-arrangement of “Go Tell It” is wound up by Melvin Hamilton’s rising solo and rooted by Richard Wilson’s Rhodes and Ruffis’ bass. Chad Gilbert vocally handles a shorty reprise.

And credit must be handed to the Grace Cathedral Children in Praise for giving their all on “We Give You The Highest Praise”. The simple melody of the piece is amplified by the multiple modulations, and the children handle the progressions well.

Traditional cuts are peppered throughout the project, with the thumping “Old Time Way” and the project closer “He Will Make It Alright” leading the way.

It’s The Bishop’s Choir, and Bishop Jerome S. Wilcox is surely proud.

Producers: D. Corey Shipley and Jeanne M. Wilcox
album release date: December, 2000

— reviewed by Stan North

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