Blood Brotherz
The Second Coming

Blood Brotherz are back with their sophomore project, again bringing their authentic dancehall reggae to the fore, always steeped in Gospel truth.

With their debut project garnering a Stellar nomination in 1997, the Jamaican duo of Connie Blood Brotherz CDT. (aka Saint) and Andrew G. (aka Christian) brought their disciplined style to the attention of Gospel masses. For those unaccustomed, their sound was a definite eye-opener. With lyrics steeped in the island accent, and with no-doubt reggae rhythms, they shunned any attempt to modify their sound in exchange for a possibly easier acceptance on continental Gospel radio. Sticking true to their roots has netted them a respect from many quarters, and most importantly, from the reggae-based audience their music is geared to.

The respect will only increase with The Second Coming. This time out, there's a greater emphasis on quality innovative beats and improved production, thanks in part to the stellar work of E. Fergerson (for Mad Storm Productions). Rest assured that authenticity is found from tracks one through thirteen. Consistently raw and rugged (the way it should be), you will not have to fear any commercial beats or wanna-be island sounds seeping onto any of the tracks. No sir, not on this project.

Shining cuts emerge quickly, such as "Pay Day" and "I Found Love", both of which also have instrumental-only tracks included (in case you want to practice your reggae flow on your own!). On both, Connie T.'s smoother vocals contrast well with the harsher sounds of Andrew G. For mad track bounce, check out "In My Going Out". It's a killer cut that stands out from the pack, generating instant head bob and praise.

Acappella tracks aren't forgotten however. The lack of instrumentation on tracks such as "Can't Live Without You" and "The Lord Side" emphasize the rooted lyrics that testify of Jesus Christ saving power. You can't miss it.

So for those ultra reggae vibes, and when you really want to get real with Jesus-rooted reggae, stay close to Second Coming from Blood Brotherz.

Producer: E. Ferguson
album release date: November, 1999
Good Newz Records / CMN Music

reviewed by Stan North

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