Franklin "Bubby" Fann, Jr. & Unlimited Praise
In Dreams

The praise is unlimited and so is the musical creativity on this fine debut from East coast sensation Franklin "Bubby" Fann, Jr. and his mid-sized Unlimited Praise choral crew.

The Gospel ride is fueled by a hot-as-coals band that features blaring horns and extra percussion from Jeff Burnside. Expert In Dreams CDin multiple schools of old-style funk, contemporary mixes and slower, smoother pushes, they do it all.

The project contains numerous familiar tunes and lyrics, but put to the funky band spread. Opening tracks "Jesus Saves" and "Oh What A Change (In My Life)" take us to a new appreciation of these songs.

"Have You Got Good Religion? (Certainly Lord)" moves the spiritual into Latin country, with conga and bursts of trumpet punctuating the strong vibrato and melody of Unlimited Praise.

"Glory To His Name" and "God Will Take Care of You" display the more mellowed side of the group. It's no less intense than the groovier stuff, but more geared to the praise & worship focus of the cuts. The acoustic guitar from Frank Romano is a perfect choice of accompaniment to the airy approach taken by Corrine Peebles, who takes solo on the beautiful praise melt "Who Wouldn't Serve A God Like You". (Star this one.)

Of special note on this 16-tracker is the appearance of the Rowan University Gospel Choir on "Dance All Night". They add that extra oomph of vocal power necessary to take the cut into the rarified air found in praise heights. Bubby Fann and Susan Johnson take lead on this highlight. There's also a studio remix of the song with B3 chords underpinning the Fann & Unlimited Praisetrack, and rap from T-Wyse fostering the 2000 feel.

Also of interest here is the involvement of Richard "Big Rich" Wilson, who takes control of production on "2000 Vibe / Shout Out", which closes this Tyscot CD.

The crowd energy during the recording (at The Cathedral of Fresh Fire in Wilmington, DE) is high, and is securely captured by the commendable technical crew. Production from Fann and co-producer (and musical director) Jerod Howard is similarly excellent, both on the live cuts and the various studio cuts.

Until you've included In Dreams in your East coast Gospel collection, it won't be complete. For real.

Producers: Bubby Fann, Jerod Howard, Rich Wilson, others
album release date: May, 2000

reviewed by Stan North

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