This five-some from Philly are notable for more than the unusual composition of their group: one female with four males is definitely not a standard amongst Gospel ensembles. Rather, it is the mix of soulful vibes and quality beats Christlike CDcombined with radio-friendly production that truly characterize this standout urban album.

ChristLike uses the collective gifts of their combined forces to the maximum, and they certainly do have plenty to draw from. For example, lead vocalist John Murray has served as musical director, writer and vocalist for Minister Bruce Parham.

Musically, the group combines elements of jazz, reggae and other contemporary urban sounds to give them their characteristic flavor. They give up their praise in a no-holds-barred Holy Ghost party of bump and bounce that includes cuts such as “Joy” and “Urban Praise” (with a jammy remix to the latter cut as well). With a splash of hiphop sounds added to the mix, skate party DJs should glue these two singles in particular to their sound units.

Switching gears alternatively from fast to slow throughout the album sometimes distracts from continuity, howeverChristlike the versatility is appreciated. And as credible as the uptempo cuts are, ChristLike also comes shining through on the slower ballads.

Swelling chorus with lush harmonies intertwined with earnest ad-lib vocals mark cuts such as "Power To Stand" and "Remember". Female lead Robin Yancey-Henderson lends a refreshing vocal to the reflective “Here And Now”. In fact, her presence throughout the album makes the ChristLike sound stand apart from the growing numbers of contemporary male vocal ensembles. Another bonus is the inclusion of ChristLike Fellowship Chorale as backing choir on some of the cuts.

These Gospel youngbloods from Philly know how to inject a heavy groove factor into their material. Gospel radio in their hometown has been quick on the pick up with this album, giving a signal that it would heed others to do the same.

Producers: John Murray and Tim Johnson, Patrick Henderson
album release date: Spring, 1999
Soul Quest Music Group

— reviewed by Stan North —

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