The Cross Movement
Human Emergency

Defined by their explicit scriptural content, The Cross Movement transcends the elements of hip hop with another mix of dynamic Gospel analysis in the form of revolving rap styles, Human Emergency CDriveting 'snap-your-neck' beats, and explosive themes that relate to current issues. These components ignite to sculpt their latest infusion, Human Emergency.

CM’s fivesome (The Ambassador, The Tonic, Enoch, Earthquake, and The Phanatik) each display an ingenious ability to deliver the indispensable message of Christ while disrobing man's nefarious nature. Call it an injection into society of a bitter-sweet elixir.

All this done on a gurney of shockingly blazing rhythms.

Tracks that introduce hands to the air and feet to the dance floor are "Know Him", the sizzling smash which exhibits the crew's talent to flip the script. "The Light" is equally determined to climb its way up into the Alps of hip hop favorites.

"C to the R" irresistibly invites the audience to vibe by chanting the impressionable chorus, and is delivered with an nearly unbelievable tightness of vocal timing. This is one of many ‘repeater’ tracks on the album.

Likewise "All Day", with The Phanatik on the mic and Official producing the track of piano/rhythm combos.

The Cross MovementAnd "Creature Double Feature" impresses by silhouetting the temptational tug of war between good and evil.

The Cross Movement's musical savoir-faire make these antidotes enjoyable. Not only in the lyrical sense, but truly in the presentation as well. On par with their previous two projects, creativity of rhymes is at an all time high. And it's all written out in the liner notes to boot.

Yes, Human Emergency may just be the most diverse and comprehensive project released by these pioneers, as they continue their legacy of branding Christ on every lyrical excursion. The album's interludes sprinkled throughout take on the medical emergency theme, illustrating the dire need for the Truth.

Also noteworthy are the 'mega groove' selections "Hold It Down" and "To My Peoples", both which proclaim that there is nothing wrong with 'getting crunk for Christ'.

The Cross Movement

We sum the point of the album this way. (You can put your own beats to this if you like!):

"The insatiable hunger of lost souls to know God remains the ultimate voyage. Barricaded by evil and teased by vices of temptation, lethal lesions of darkness have caused many to stray away from the Safety Net, sparking the requirement for exigent aid. Floods of catastrophic events in life have forced a diagnosis of a global epidemic groaning to be relieved."

"Enter the Great Physician."
Expanding boundaries once again, The Tonic tosses a hint of Latin spice (with appropriate guitar from Erik Sayler), while beckoning all to drink from the living well of righteousness in "Live Agua". Then international waters are crossed with "Lord?", a hyperactive and busy track featuring London, England’s own M.O.D. (Ministry of Defense).

Another trademark rendered by The CM is the art of storytelling. "What Do You See?" is an easily accessible cut that graphically portrays the crucifixion in present day verbage; "Back Up" gives an historical perspective, retracing Christ's footsteps.

Perhaps the last cut on Human Emergency —"Cypha 911" —best encapsulates the release.

The Ambassador explains the concept for the album's title as applying a salve to man's oozing, inner wounds which require a supernatural rescue mission. (Read his complete perspective on this album, in his interview here on GospelFlava.com)

The Cross Movement's capability to be used as the Great Physician's surgical instruments will no doubt encourage listeners to observe the seriousness at hand, and yet bob their heads whenever a siren blares to heed the 911 call of the Human Emergency.

Producers: T.R.U.-L.I.F.E., Official, Tre-Z, L. Jerkins, Earthquake, W. Branch
album release date: October 31, 2000
Cross Movement Records / Seventh Street Records

— reviewed by Brenda Ingram II and Stan North

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