Derrick Milan's Ministry of Praise
With The Peter's Rock Mass Choir

Derrick Milan delivers his third release on Sound of Gospel, and with a slew of Detroitís rising Gospel talent contributing, it's his strongest effort to date.

Titled, Derrick Milanís Ministry of Praise Featuring the Peterís Rock Mass Choir, the project is a collection of contemporary Gospel that is distinguished by studio work from one of Gospelís very few female producers, Wanda Nero Butler.

Leading off the project are a strong pair of cuts which feature the respective members of the upcoming duo of Pam andDerrick Milan's Ministry of Praise With The 
Peter's Rock Mass Choir CD Dodi (signed to MCA). Their experience as former members of the early nineties contemporary group Adoration ĎN Prayze is in plenty evidence as they each individually bring a contemporary, rich, soulfulness to the table.

Audra Alexander (Dodi) on "Live Like The Bible Says Live" takes the Tony Lucas groove to that higher notch and sets the tone for the project. The track also features some phat work on bass from Marcus Devine, and a cleverly snaggy hook on the chorus from Peter's Rock Mass Choir.

Then Pamela Taylor (Pam) takes the mic on "You Can Depend On Jesus" and offers up some inventive vocals. Written by former RFC band member Ernest Lee, this one spins at a slower revolution while maintaining a superb groovability.

Modified traditional vibes seep onto a few of the album's thirteen tracks. Sam Logan takes lead on the slow marathon "Do Ya", while Victoria Holland Vaughn spins a slow and sometimes soaring soprano vocal over gentle guitar and choir sounds. The project contains other cuts with this style, and although they could do with less studio reverb, they do lend themselves to meditative and intense worship.

While Wanda Nero Butler wears the producer's hat on much of this CD, she also takes on the soloist role that she is more reknowned for on "If I Never See You Again". Excelling in this role, she provides a warmth of tone that is immediately appealing. The short reprise of the cut features the vocal arrangements of Marcus Devine who is known for his smooth songwriting style of (evident on Men of Standard's hit "In Your Will"). The work is equally smooth here. At just over one minute however, it is much too short.

This is one of the CDs where it's really not in your best interest to judge it by the cover art. Look past that and dig into the music on the disc, as Derrick Milan brings some quality Detroit Gospel to the table.

Producers: Wanda Nero Butler, Marcus Devine, Cordell Watson
album release date: March, 2000
Sound of Gospel

ó reviewed by Stan North ó

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