A Warrior's Call

The quiet one of the Unity Klan three is DG. Until you give him the mic. And let him flow en espagnol!

Titled A Warrior’s Call, the project has all the hallmarks of a Unity Klan production: tasty and sanctified funk, a variety of guest spots, both on the mic and behind the board, and their renowned ultra slow praise intro and concluding altar call.

DG CDBut the overwhelming strength of this first solo project from DG is found on the latin infused cuts.

“Mi Papi” sits on a funky latin edge and slides masterfully with bilingual vocals from Will and DG’s call out raps accompanied by congas and whistles. “Alava (Praise Him)” is another strong latin track with a guitar base, bringing salsa-influenced group chorus flows into the spotlight. In a nod to authenticity, much of this track is in Spanish.

On “Paz En El Monte”, the tempo slows and the ride flows with DG’s smooth touch of soft rhymes. JC Squad provides the gentle chorus (“there’s peace on the mountain”).

On the guest tracks, Shelley Gaines (see album review) on searing vocals teams up with Jaz on the mic, both joining with DG on the title track, “Warrior’s Call”. The chorus goes —“Round One! Here we go, whatcha gonna do, Round Two!, saving souls setting people free….” It leaves no doubt where the warriors are at.

Fellow Unity Klan compadre, Big J, rides in on a major bounce on “Bounce” It’s a celebratory track about our victory in Christ, with DG popping in for the chorus. On “Get Up”, Jah Word and Brutha Los team up over a distorted track to encourage holy soldiers to get on with their ordained kingdom business.

This is a nice project that deserves attention. It delivers some refreshing Gospel latin sounds, some party tracks and an overall Spirit-filled vibe.

Producers: Big J, Micah, The Alchemist, Joel Whitley
album release date: Summer, 2000
Eternal Funk Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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