Dub Sound & Fire

In a fascinating off-shoot from Christafari's recent "Word Sound&Power project, this 18-track gem encapsulates the stupendous instrumental roots of this famed reggae outfit on the artist-owned Lion of Zion Entertainment label.

Reggae sources define 'dub' as a "roots electronic music, created by skillful, Dub Sound&Power CDartistic re-engineering of recorded tracks". That's Dub Sound&Power in a nutshell. With minimal vocals, the emphasis is on the heavy beat tracks that mostly feature percussion and bass with some occasional brass. Frequent strong reverbs highlight the tracks.

To figure out the cuts on this project, you really need to have the accompanying Word Sound&Power project also at your side, since the instrumental mixes take their names from the full vocal mix tracks on that project. For example, "DUB of My Life" is derived from "Love Of My Life", and "Why You Ago DUB" is taken from "Why You Ago Look".

I agree with the liner notes: this projects provides a beckoning canvas, ready and set for you to sing the lyrics of these songs yourself (assuming you're familiar with them from the vocal project), seeing as the bangin' tracks are provided. . Alternatively, you can use them to simply meditate on God, knowing that they have each been written and performed by a crew who focus exclusively on Jesus Christ, and whose passion is to foster a place 'where reggae meets scripture'. Personally speaking, my reggae flow has still much to be desired, so I opt for the latter!

Throughout, the musicianship of Christafari founder and lead vocalist Mark Mohr and his Soul Fire Crew is impeccable in fashioning roots-reggae creations. The cut with crowd and shouts vocals is especially hot ("Dubbing on the Frontline").

Also prominent is the acapella version of "Why You Ago Look", which directly asks the mainstream reggae community, "Why you go looking among the dead, ignoring what so many prophets and so many righteous men said.....mistaking the messenger for the message...mistaking the singer for theWord Sound&Power CD One he sings...praising so many prophets and so many men that are dead".

Track engineering (mixing, mastering) is credited to Jim Fox, who brings his renowned skills to the table (previous mixing credits include dub albums from reggae mainstays such as Black Uhuru, Yellow Man and more).

There's really nothing like this on the Gospel market, so if you're down for some serious vibing on the Gospel reggae tip, and have some serious appreciation for studio finesse, then this would certainly be the place to find it.

Producer: Mark Mohr
album release date: January, 2000
Lion of Zion Entertainment

reviewed by Stan North

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