Eartha Moore
This I Know

Versatility is the buzzword on this release from statuesque newcomer Eartha Moore. Groomed significantly at Marvin WinansPerfecting Church in Detroit and mentored by Dr. Iona Locke, the LA-based Moore does it all. Going beyond Eartha Moorethe fine tradition of singer/songwriter, she also does the arrangements, keys and sax. But back to that singing.

Moore nurses a soulful, rootsy contralto and almost verges on folksy at times through the disk’s fourteen tracks, and is very obviously focused on lyrical expression. Cuts like “Vision” offer encouragement and hope, based on scripture. Praise is given on the slower “Shekinah Glory”.

Some of the bumpier selections (“He Knows”, “A Natural Thing”) bring a fresh vibe. These might be better served with a live rhythm track, as the programmed beats often don’t measure up to the smoky vibe that Moore generates with her vocals. Given her artistic phrasing, that extra ingredient might just cause some major musical spillage.

Perhaps the killer cut on the project is the unlikely-titled "Love Jones". Moore's husky sounds highlight this opening track, which is an sparsely-melodic love song to Jesus laid over a syncopation-riddled groove. Check the ink:

"I've got a love jones for you Jesus
Something in my heart is going on
I've got a love song for you Jesus
And I'll sing it all day long"

—from "Love Jones"

Very much her own woman, and not reflecting any major Gospel musical influences, this is a project to latch onto if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary.

With a visually stunning CD package, the fledgling AFRT Music label has tagged their first artist with the slogan, “simply different”. There's certainly no doubt about that.

Producer: Helsa Ariass
album release date: March, 2000
AFRT Music

— reviewed by Stan North

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