Life Long Journey

The mark of a successful album is when you can quickly gain the message of the artist on listening to the music.

Such holds true with West Coast rapper Fros'T and his aptly titled project, Life Long Journey. This album mirrors the life journey of most Christians, ranging from Life Long Journey CDreflections of a sinful lifestyle to the happiness of a Christ-centered life.

As most, Fros'T doesn't embark on this 14-track journey alone. He is joined on the album by several extremely capable emcees, including Professor L. Chay, Ahmad, Tena Jones & Kiz Charasmatic.

Fros'T addresses many interesting subject areas throughout this project. On "Life In the Fast Lane", he speaks candidly about the dangers of trying to move too fast in life when encountered with many temptations. He joins forces with Professor L. Chay on the track "Soul Scan". Here they deal with a myriad of subjects ranging from industry-based pain, government officials and their interns, and well-timed references to material lifestyles.

One of the strong points of this album is the variety that it presents. Fros'T effortlessly bridges the gap between East and West Coast sounds to deliver an amazing aural diversity. He offers several relaxing rap jams such as "Souljah" and "The Apple". Then the California native gives up thought-provoking rhymes including "Run", an inspiring track that admonishes all to work while it's day, before Judgment Day comes.

Life Long Journey imageryFros'T also brings in spoken word artist Ty to drop an awesome lyrical journey chronicling a young woman's journey from her playa days to her praising days titled, "Journey". It's a must-hear!

And if that's not enough, Fros'T gains the help of B-Rite artists Gospel Gangstaz (see interview) to provide some serious flow to "If You Really Want It". In three words, it's simply "off the hook".

If there's any question of Fros'T's purpose, he addresses it in the introductory track of this project. This track documents his accepting of his call and watches him literally put demons directly under his feet. It shows that the man has accepted his call to minister the Word through the powerful vehicle of rap.

Add a hidden track into the mix and you have a Life Long Journey that's sure to provide life-long ministry and encouragement to all.

Producers: K.P, Kiz Charasmatic, N.Y.X
album release date: February 27, 2001
4th Man Records

reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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