Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Mass Choir
As For Me And My House

This highly anticipated album marks the first recorded vocals from Ron Winans since his heart miracle in 1997, when, with a mountain of prayer from family and friends, God delivered him from ‘clinical death’ on the operating table, to life:

"I know I have not lived as I should
But Jesus you’ve been so, so very good
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…

God did me a favor
He brought me back from the dead
And I got a right tonight to say that as for me,
(Halleluiah), and my house, we’re going to serve God."

— “As For Me And My House”

Winans appears on only one song (the title track, “As For Me And My House”), on this album which includes twelve others tracks —but what a song! It’s testament to the fact that a Gospel hit goes far beyond notes, production and arrangement, but ultimately hinges on the conviction and the power conveyed by the artist. Written by Winans, the powerfully quiet composition is vocals-based, with a minimum accompaniment of As For Me And My House CDkeyboards and drums. Winans’ fabled voice starts things off, before brother BeBe Winans joins in, soon followed by both Byron Cage and Doug Williams, with the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Mass Choir providing full backing support.

Other tracks on this traditional choir live project cannot be forgotten. Greater St. Stephen pastor, Bishop Paul S. Morton, delivers his recognizable vocals to the sole compostion on this project that comes from his pen, “Forgiving God I Am”. Morton also appears on “Let Him In”, which was written by his son, Paul Morton Jr., who in turn makes his presence felt with his soulful tenor rendition of “Thank You”. The runs and turns that Morton Jr. gives to his lead are particularly suited for this, the most contemporary of the cuts on the project. This is a voice that should be heard again.

There’s so much more to this CD. Suffice it to say that with Bryron Cage, Joel Britton and Jeffrey LaValley also contributing their writing skills, and with co-ministers of music at Greater St. Stephen Michael Robinson and Phillip Britton handling production, the overall impact of this CD is gem solid, and consistent with what has come to be expected from this choir over the years. Get it.

Producers: Michael Robinson, Phillip Britton
album release date: October, 1999
Blackberry Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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