Hezekiah Walker & LFCC
VIDEO - Family Affair

Bookended by church shouts and Brooklyn street jams, you'll also find nearly everything else in between on this video offering from Hezekiah Walker.

With the expansive Hylton Memorial Chapel in Woodbridge, Virginia as the concert setting, Hez and his Love Fellowship family bring 80 minutes of mass choir visuals to the small screen on this home video that serves as a visual bonus to his Family Affair project. (See review)

The tape starts rolling with an unexpected and extended 5-minute instrumental jam medley, which brings a smattering of J2K CDHez hits from over the years, some of them from waaaaay back. The camera zooms in to capture the intricate fingerwork of Melvin Crispell on Hammond B3, and the confident technique of Reggie (4 strings) Parker on bass, with Walker in the background nodding his head and reliving the glorious moments of hits gone by.

After an intriguing spoken introduction and tribute to the late O'landa Draper from Walker, video director Don Moore and his camera crew have their hands full in filming the boisterous Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church Choir tackling Draper's churchy classic, "I've Got A Reason". Dressed all in black, and with Craig Wiggins in full vocal flight, the energy is classic, albeit traditional, Hez.

From there, the flagship Love Fellowship Crusade Choir takes to the stage, resplendent in their black and turquoise robing. "Wonderful Is Your Name" and "The Will of God" (with first lady Monique Walker's lead vocals) are each given an extended ride beyond that heard on the CD.

The highlight of the video is surely with the new David Frazier tune, "I Will Fight", where LFCC mainstay Kirvy Brown takes his time in delivering melting vocals as the anointed slow ballad unfolds. This song didn't make the final cut on the CD, so the fact that this video is the exclusive home of the cut makes it extra special.

LFCC continue their ways with their hit "Power Belongs to God", with Kirvy Brown taking the house down again on "Never Leave Me Alone", before giving way to The Love Fellowship Celebration Choir on "Patiently Waiting". As the adult church choir of the Love Fellowship family, you know they can hold their own based on what you heard on the CD. This video confirms it, as their purple and white colors blur with all the moves going on.

Donald Lawrence takes the mic on the smooth worship ballad "Oh, I Feel Jesus", as the Love Unlimited (with Heather Covington's georgeous lead) combines with LFCC on the cut. Diversity in styles in certainly becoming the strong suit of this renowned Brooklyn church family.

The camera fades out fades out to the concept video of the "Let's Dance" remix. With Abdul Abbott directing the camera work, andB.B.Jay with PAJAM taking care of the remixing, you don't find Gospel getting more urban than this. B.B.Jay on rap and former BLACKstreet member Dave Hollister on vocals join in the festivities with LFCC, Hez and Monique as they get their dance on.

Technically, you can't find much to shake your head at with this video offering. Live event co-ordination from the award-winning Omega Production staff combined with Don Moore's renowned video direction expertise ensure smooth camera work, great angles, and a nice mix of closeups, pans and audience shots.

On the minus side, the inclusion of some more of the urban material would have rounded the set out a little more, and it would have been great to see included some of the songs where Dave Hollister takes vocal lead.

One of the marks of a good Gospel home video is the inclusion of extended or altered interpretations of songs on the CD. With the brand new "I Will Fight" and several lengthened takes of other compositions, this one is a winner, hands down.

Video Producer: Don Moore
video release date: March 21, 2000
Verity Records

reviewed by Stan North

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