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Hope N Da Hood Soundtrack

Deep within the burroughs of chaos and turmoil, there emerges a voice in the wilderness, spawning vision and hope.

Roleplay Entertainment has prepared an entree to feed the insatiable hunger for answers to life's tribulations while serving it up on flavorful, poignant tracks, abandoning bland components. The album showcases the talent of five promising artists who display a versatility and style that impressively coincide with the album's theme as expressed in the title: Hope N Da Hood.

Hope N Da Hood CDThis project was inspired by the hit urban play of the same name, which tells the story of a young Black man attempting to survive life in the "hood." The production propelled the making of an album that reaches the slums of the heart via positivity in a multi-faceted manner.

Reggae, R & B, hip hop, and rap create the perfect combination for listening pleasure. As well, brief excerpts of the play are sprinkled throughout. The artistry on the album's cover (George Moss) uniquely enhances the impact of the songs as well.

The title track, performed by dynamic duo Rebirth of Soul, ignites passion for quality production and captures attention with silky vocals accompanied by a sizzling track.

The album also includes another version of the same work featuring rap sensation, Daily Bread. This cut will attract many to vibe with this group of the future (who will release a full length album by 2001).

Seventh Street Records artists, 1 Way (see review), motions the listening audience to enjoy the mellifluous track, "Waves". This selection delivers a powerful hit to the shores of hip hop, navigating lovers of the genre to "dive in" and wade in streams of prolific lyrics and inventive beats.

1Way crewRap fans worldwide will appreciate the fresh, rare sounds of Daily Bread as he shares insights on "The Ghetto". This track dissolves the myth of hopelessness with a chorus of reality that transcends the boundaries of rap by highlighting a novel auditory effect.

Caribbean arrangements delegate DJ. Stereoman as the album's reggae dancehall gospel infusion. In "No More Wars", he concocts a notorious flow, highlighted by inspiring lyrics and a performance indigenous of the islands.

Solo artist Annamaria Pasley soothes the soul, inducing healing for broken hearts in "Release The Pain" with raw melody laden with her own artistic expression.

Hope N Da Hood —The Album executes menacing blows to annihilate lies unleashed into society, musically reversing the proclamation of "no way out" or "no alternative". As a whole, the contribution of all the artists deserve affirmation and notoriety.

The entire purpose of the album is summed up by the main track's authors, Rebirth of Soul. "As the title of the album indicates, the primary objective with this project is to encourage people with the good news that no matter where you are in life, there is living hope in Jesus."

Producers: Various
album release date: August, 2000
Roleplay Entertainment

special review to GospelFlava.com by Brenda Ingram II

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