The Way It Is

Metro 1 Music rap artists K2S originated in the 1990's and is one of Christian music's most prominent rap groups. With two Dove Award nominations, an enhanced CD which includes three versions of The Way It Is CD the entire Bible, and a heavy touring schedule behind them, it's a wonder that this two-man show has captured time to produce a relevant and apocalyptic project.

As in their three previous releases, they deliver a powerful case to a biased world in their latest creation entitled, The Way It Is.

Subpoenaed by God, the two gentlemen, Smooth and Ka-Buc, disclose thorough evidence of greed, lust, and pride found in the heart of man as they allude to antagonizing analogies encountered daily in the song, "Eternal Life". Accompanied by a strong defense of certified, credible beats, convicting lyrics, and a persuasive flow, they vividly state their case to a jury that seems to be totally clueless of the consequences of these vices. Smooth refutes the world's rebellious tone as he goes on to build the crux of his deliberation.

In his own words, Smooth explains that "if you listen to Eminem, Dr. Dre, or Snoop Dog, all you get is beep this and beep that, nothing really good. The beats are tight, but what they talk about is nothing but nonsense. What we try to do is write about our lives.K2S Instead of feeding these kids nothing but negative [words], we give them good things to hear like 'you can make it, hold on, and keep your head up.'"

Concrete evidence of this is displayed through out the album in "Hold On", "Alive In The Sky", "The Final Hours", and "Lover Of My Soul". Each is defined by heart-wrenching quotes, rhythmic flow, and vibrant production. Witnesses called to testify include Smooth's sister, Jennifer Newman, who provides supportive background vocals. Higher Calling also makes an appearance, and on "God Fearing Believerz", star witness J-Raw captivates the jury with a catchy, upbeat chorus.

K2S supplies the listener with a colorful menagerie of rhymes that annihilate the myth of lame positive music by reaching higher heights musically and lyrically and pronouncing an edifying purpose "to encourage and uplift the believer and to minister to the unsaved. Quite a few rap fans tend to think that we are the soft rappers in the industry, but we really show them different with The Way It Is. [There’s] a little something for everyone," assures Smooth.

As K2S concludes with closing arguments found in the elements of the song "Weight Of The World", the jury is stunned and left in a state of awe as they hear first hand theK2S account of Christ's struggle for our redemption. A spontaneous beat coupled with passionate words of life transport the message of the Gospel whole heartedly.

The deciding fate lies in the hands of the partially convinced jury. After experiencing K2S's latest LP, the vote is unanimous. The jury concludes that the album genuinely conveys the Gospel through rap and deserves to become a definite staple in any rap fan's collection to convince others of the saving power of Christ.

That's The Way It Is.

Producer: Smooth
album release date: July 11, 2000
Metro One Music

— special review to GospelFlava.com by Brenda Ingram II

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