Kathy Taylor-Brown and Favor

In a vocal powerhouse of an Aleho debut, Kathy Taylor-Brown and Favor overwhelm the speakers with a beautiful and glorious collection of song arrangements. Blessed Kathy Taylor-Brown and Favor CDwith rich vocals that combine a roundness of tone with a trace a grit, Taylor-Brown's work on this project will make many wonder why they haven't heard of her before. Singer, songwriter, arranger and musician, her gifted expression in all these facets are wonderfully mature.

In fact, she's not been a stranger. As a long-time favorite at the GMWA, and a seasoned soloist on numerous GMWA Mass Choir recordings, she and her gifted ensemble were previously Kathy Brown and the Choraleers.

Newly named, and fronted by Taylor-Brown, the seven-member Favor resounds throughout Taylormade, and especially on the incredibly powerful worship-filled anthem, ďHallelujah to the LambĒ. As one of two cuts on the project written by Gospelís hit-master V. Michael McKay, itís a nine-minute-plus show-stopper with a quality that make it zing by in seemingly half that time. With Taylor-Brown pouring out the praise, Favor supports with a string of impacting lyrical lines that modulate through "Worthy is the Lamb" to "Jesus is the Lamb", climaxing with heart-felt rendering at "Just as I am". Very powerful.

"Amazing Grace" is another one to put a star beside, as the strong melodic line isKathy Taylor-Brown worked to its max. This version of the familiar classic is far removed from its original tune, although its elements are discernable. The testimony-laced "Trusting and Believing" is a simple in tune and in lyric, which is likely why it is so effective. It's a thoroughly appropriate style used by Taylor-Brown to testify of the child-like faith necessary in all situations. "Don't Wanna" is another memorable cut, and one which takes on a very slightly funky vibe while speaking to not wanting to 'get caught up in the things of the world. Don't wanna!".

The hallmark of the project are the clean vocal lines, serving to emphasize the Favorlyrics which are consistent in their strong scriptural foundation. Indeed, one of the beautiful things about this project is the ministering and sincere spirit that overlays every track.

Producer Sanchez Harley handles the marvelous vocal textures brilliantly on this live recording. Musical director Michael Robinson also excels, ensuring a tight, clean and uncluttered mix of organ, drums, bass and guitar leave plenty space for the supertight vocals and harmonies.

Itís been a long time coming for Houston-based Kathy Taylor-Brown. Waiting is often a good thing, with this album being a sure testimony to that.

Producer: Sanchez Harley
album release date: November 16, 1999
Aleho International Music

ó reviewed by Stan North ó

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