Sam Kendrick's Nation of Holiness

This year has brought the gospel world some great talent, and it continues with the debut release from Sam Kendrick’s Nation of Holiness. This youth choir is headed by writer/arranger/producer Sam Kendrick, best known for his work with Nujoi Sam Kendrick's Nation of Holiness CDand William Becton. The D.C. native enters the arena with a new project that possesses a distinctively urban edge and presents a message of celebration, hope, and encouragement.

The project starts off with a hard urban groove titled “God is Good”. This serves as the first radio single, and is slated to be a definite hit amongst the urban audience. Other memorable urban hits include “Spread God’s Love” and “Don’t Miss This Chance”. Kendrick also delivers with slick urban slow jams such as “Work While It’s Day” and “Heavenly Host” which bears a resemblance to Mary J. Blige’s “Share My World”.

While the album has a specific urban target, Kendrick remains versatile by implementingSam Kendrick and Nation of Holiness several urban praise songs including “Lord Take Me Higher”, “That’s What Jesus Is To Me”, and “Come With Me”, which are sure to weave their way into churches around the country. Kendrick also adds a special dedication titled “I’ll Never Forget”, which is a heartfelt memorial to his mother.

In all, this 13-track, highly-focused project puts Kendrick and Nation of Holiness on the map as one of the premiere youth choirs in the Gospel industry today.

Producer: Sam Kendricks
album release date: December, 1998
NCA Records

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner —

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