Kevin Davidson and The Voices
Language of the Millenium

Loads of people have been waiting for the sophomore release from Kevin Davidson and the Voices.

Language of the Millenium CDFormerly the renowned Voices of Binghampton, Davidson revamped the group and presented them last year simply as the Voices. On their first release, Celebrate, with highly requested single "Fight On", Davidson quickly established himself as one to watch for in the double O.

Tracking hard with this new release entitled Language of the Millennium, and enlisting the support of the respected Dan Cleary on production (of Live in Toronto with Hez fame), we have to take a listen.

Sparkles on the track listing include everything from contemporary jams to slow songs. A nice mix of new ensemble sound and full voice choir offer an array to pick from. The project starts out with "War Zone" that joins old school chant ("Satan we come to tear your kingdom down") with new school cadence. Rap written by twins Brandon and Bryan Mathis completes this one as a battlecry for 2000.

Latin-Calypso percussion drives "I Am" with a guitar interlude that you just might mistake for a Carlos Santana outtake. No shortage on skilled instrumentation here.

Kevin DavidsonIn the ballad category, Davidson comes strong with "Born to Win", a sweet song that can encourage the slightest of hearts. A reminder that we are overcomers through Christ Jesus —a message that we can't possibly hear enough of. A simple and elegant lead by Toya Wilson doesn't interfere with the structure of the song.

On "None Like You", a powerful ode to Him with another beautiful, purposefully uncomplicated solo by Nedra Gatwood, the Voices shine in powerful splendor.

Fans of Lisa Paige Brooks will be more than satisfied with her guest spots on a couple of tracks. She is featured on the uptempo "Since He Changed Me" where she shares the lead with Davidson, and on "I Believe", in duet with Courtney Franklin.

With Language we can all understand, Davidson maintains his position as one to continue to watch in this still-new millennium.

Producers: Dan Cleary, Marque Walker
album release date: May 30, 2000
New Haven Records

reviewed by Melanie Clark

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