Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise
I Need Your Spirit

They caught the attention of worshipping with their self-titled debut on the then-fledgling EMI Gospel label. Now, a mere 18 months later, Lamar Campbell & Spirit of PraiseLamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise CD emerge with their sophomore project. This time out, the praise and worship vibe has slightly more of an edge.

“It’s All About the Love” and “I Really Love You” are the two cuts that seem to flow seamlessly as extensions of the first project’s hit single “He Won’t Let You Down”, with smooth choir balladry drawing the focus onto the love of Jesus Christ. Campbell and crew succeed here in accomplishing what all Gospel music aims to do –taking attention away from themselves and placing it all on Jesus.

The offerings are once again diverse on the project. The kicking title track is bound to gain multiple spins in the cramped confines of DJ studios everywhere as a raucous all-out Gospel smash is offered up. But the stand-out cut would have to be “I Will Bless The Lord”, which features guest appearances by the all-star EMI Gospel roster line-up of Montrel Darrett Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praiseand Darwin Hobbs. (It makes you shake your head and wonder what the sounds would have been if label-mate Sharon Riley had been able to make the mix!).

Like the first project, this album was also recorded live in Indianapolis –the home base of Spirit of Praise. With experienced producer Sanchez Harley returning to the helm, and with a solid core of musicians in support, Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise once again live up to their name.

Producer: Sanchez Harley
album release date: July 27, 1999
EMI Gospel

— reviewed by Stan North —

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