Mark Jones and Prosperity

Mark Jones and Prosperity
We Worship You

For many, We Worship You will be their introduction to Mark Jones and Prosperity.

But the 14-member group has been on the scene for about 15 years, and this eleven-track studio project is their third album, and their first on the fledging Destined Records. They state up front that their focus is "Jesus or nothing at all".

We Worship You CDAn earnestness and sincerity of tone marks the project. Prime cuts are the several that feature free-style vocalists in front of original compositions from a variety of pens.

"I Am Saved" is one such. John Willis ably handles the solo, moving adeptly within his wide tenor range and with a minimal touch of piano for support. Prosperity arrives after several minutes of such expression, offering up lyrics of thanks and expections of heaven.

Another highlight is Mark Jones' "We Come To Praise Him", which moves into an intense praise and worship vibe by way of mid-tempo patterned vocal parts that move quickly amongst each other. Mark Jones and Chayce Dixon thread their solo parts among the mix.

Mark Jones and ProserityNotable too is the nearly whispered title track ("We Worship You") and also "King of Glory", with its psalmatic lyrics, France'sca Jones' sensitive solo renderings, and guitar carressed support.

Production throughout this project takes the minimalist approach, with producers Jones and Joe Willis prefering to let the vocals make the dominant statements. Rhythm, keyboards and guitar/bass are certainly present, but low key.

The appeal of We Worship You is to the worshipping heart.

Producer: Mark Jones, Joe Willis
album release date: October 2000
Destined Records

reviewed by Stan North

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