Rev. Jackie McCullough
This Is For You Lord

Anyone who's heard Evangelist Jackie McCullough minister the Word of God knows that the woman can just plain preach. On her debut recording, she proves that she's equally as capable of serving up a delicious praise and worship feast.

Like Bishop T.D. Jakes on his Live at the Potter's House project, McCullough Jackie McCullough CDnever actually sings a note on This Is For You Lord. Yet even with the strong vocal performances by members of Kirk Franklin's The Family, and the impeccable work of master producer Kevin Bond, the project is clearly McCullough's. Her exhortations throughout are full of hope and encouragement and allow her to remain the focal point of the project. Especially powerful is the spoken word cut "Where I Belong."

Just as impressive as her exhortations is the fact that McCullough co-wrote every song on the album, with the exception of the lead track "In His Name." "I'm Not Finished," (the first song McCullough ever wrote), is an especially inspiring song that delivers a powerful message of perseverance. Recorded in Kingston Jamaica, McCullough and crew take the gospel to the reggae dancehall on the album's best song "Be Connected," which features lead vocals by labelmate Lawrence Matthews and a stunning performance by B-Rite signee Papa San. Other standout cuts include "Nothing But Pleasure" and "This Is For You Lord."

Producer: Kevin Bond  

Gospo Centric Records

reviewed by Mark Christian Tilles

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