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VIDEO: Tyscot Live Round Midnight

Tyscot Records did a mighty good thing in 1997 at the GMWA in Cincinnati. Not only did they record a live CD of their artists' evening showcase before an appreciative convention crowd, they also brought along a video camera. The end result is simply a blast.

As with the CD, Deitrick Haddon and the Voices of Live Round Midnight VideoUnity are given the most exposure on this project, and deservedly so, for the young man with the old school soul has simply got to be seen to be believed. Haddon and his crew are resplendent in their funky silver threads and dark shades. This visual reflection of their vocal phatness is validated especially in their funkdafied gospel jams such as "This Is The Day" and "Hold On 2 Your Faith".

The concert continues with two songs from choirmaster Rodnie Bryant and the Christian Community Mass Choir, which happily includes the Donald Lawrence song "He's the One". Mark Hubbard and the United Voices for Christ follow with their traditional "Down By the Riverside", which they sing at a mind-boggling, break-neck speed. This show-stopper is even more intense on video, since you realize that crazy-fast vocals are accompanied by flailing acrobatic moves as well.

In complete contrast, the video concert concludes with Tyscot chief, Dr. Leonard Scott and ensemble singing smooth and soothing praise and worship tunes ("I See the Lord" and "Behold Him"). This is one roller-coaster ride of a video concert.

Tyscot Records

reviewed by Stan North

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