Nancey Jackson

After an intriguing and underrated debut with Harmony Records back in 1997, Nancey Jackson re-enters the Gospel orbit in a blaze of production fire.

This project is contemporary and as eclectic as the combined powerhouse of production and songwriting talent that supports it. The jaw-dropping 'who's who' of Gospel producers assembledNancey Jackson CD to lay down the tracks includes Fred Hammond, T-Boy, Dawkins and Dawkins, PAJAM (J. Moss and Paul D. Allen), Michael J. Powell and Frankie Cutlass. Wow.

Let's let the bonus track take a bow off the top. Released as remixed single to the title track from her first project, "Free (Yes, I'm Free)" incorporates the hiphop sounds of sanctified NY rapper and producer, Frankie Cutlass, and his Godsquad crew. Their involvement on the track is subtle, and perfect for the vibe. And it's always nice to get a hard-hitting remix that actually sounds different than the original.

The blessed few who have heard the Tonéx album will recognize the work of his producer alias, T-boy, on "Secret Place". The cut was also written by Tonéx, and features his backing vocals as well. It's hot. T-boy also gets involved with the Nancey Jackson bluesy "You Don't Know", which was written by Jackson.

With the diversity of talent lending a hand with this album, it might seem that a lack of overall focus would be inevitable. Not so. Instead, the kaleidoscope of flavas gives the project a refreshing sparkle. Nancey Jackson is a Gospel chameleon of sorts, showing her softer side on the praise groove "Holy Is He" and Fred Hammond's "You Never Change", but letting her pipes bounce into acrobatics with J. Moss on the title track. The two Dawkins and Dawkins contributions are also standouts.

With this sophomore project, the pastor's daughter and intense vocalist offers her urban testimony on her priority relationship with Jesus Christ. With the hottest of today's Gospel producers on board, you just can't go wrong with this one. Raise your hands in the air!

Producers: Various
album release date: June 29, 1999
Harmony Records

reviewed by Stan North

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