New Direction

Gospel's youth movement continues to pick up steam with the self-titled, debut release from Myrrh recording artist New Direction.

Hype is expected New Directionfrom a young choir. What sets New Direction apart from the rest is the strong vocals, quality songwriting, explicit message and impeccable musicianship that they add to the mix. Choir founder Jeral Gray Sr., along with industry veterans Percy Gray, Kern Brantley and Daniel Weatherspoon, do an excellent job of transferring the choir's energy to the recording and of mixing hip hop tracks with gospel sensibilities. New Direction is at their best on danceable numbers such as "Lighthouse," "New Direction," and "Who Do You Roll With?"

However, New Direction loses nothing when they switch to slow jam mode. "You Love Me" and "God's Gift" are able to tug at the heart without loosening their grip on the listener's ear.

The choir's versatility is perhaps demonstrated best on their cover of the Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith penned "Lead Me On," which maintains its Contemporary Christian musical feel while featuring soul gospel vocals.


Producers: Kern Brantley, Jeral Gray Sr., Percy Gray Jr., Daniel Weatherspoon
Myrrh Black Music Division

reviewed by Mark Christian Tilles

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