Greg O'Quin 'N Joyful Noyze

The music industry has this seemingly deadly term that all artists seek to avoid....the sophomore jinx. Undoubtedly, O'Quin avoids, abolishes, and eradicates this thought with a fresh and exciting project titled Conversations. This 13-track set is certainly designed for true R&B, urban fans with a touch of the traditional flair. O'Quin enlists the help of his Noyze Faktory and the heir apparent to the gospel hip-hop throne, James Moss (aka J. Moss) on this project and it hits the mark.  

Greg O'Quin 'N Joyful Noyze The urban edge on this new project is unmistakable. There are several hot spots on this album that are guaranteed to make a definite mark on the industry. In particular, O'Quin and company do a scintillating rendition of the Isley Brothers classic, "For the Love of You". Ironically on this cut, J. Moss does an awesome rap, prolifically states his opinion of secular artists who do gospel cuts on their secular albums. O'Quin, along with Moss, keep a fresh, progressive sound that will certainly open the ears to a brand new sound in urban gospel. Not one to forget the traditional roots of the genre, O'Quin's traditional ballads will certainly challenge, uplift, and encourage its listeners to another level of relationship with Christ. Indeed, Conversations is a definite winner and should be the album to put Greg O'quin 'N Joyful Noyze on the map for a long time to come. 

Producers: Greg O'Quin, James Moss, Paul D. Allen 

Myrrh Records - Black Music Division

reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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