Dottie Peoples
God Can & God Will

Dottie Peoples. She is called the Songbird of the South, she has been honored with numerous Stellar Awards in the traditional categories, and she has toured with Fred Hammond on the Tour of Life. Now, on her latest project, God Can & God Will, she presents a superb live album that goes head to head with the best of traditional and even contemporary Gospel.

You need look no further than the cast who were assembled for this Dottie Peoplesone: Byron Cage and Rev. Gerald Thompson as choir directors, Bishop Eddie L. Long as M.C. (and sermonette contributor), Rick Carter on bass and John Croslan II as musical director. On top of that, when you consider that the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Choir join forces with Dottie’s famed Peoples Choice Chorale on this project, you realize why this disc reaches its potential for crazy sound and anointed song.

Dottie can always be counted on to deliver traditional grooves, and this project is no exception, with cuts like “Faith Is” and “God Can”. But this time around, it’s the presence of legitimate contemporary (not to be confused with urban) jams that stand out. These include “Show Some Sign” and “Nobody Can Do Me”. Music director John Croslan II deserves much credit for this. Balladry is not neglected either, with cuts such as “Compassion” and “All My Help” showing that Dottie has no intention of relinquishing her Songbird status.

The overwhelming strength of this album is its ‘live’ character. Recorded at Atlanta’s New Birth Missionary Church, the energy flows from the opening introduction by Bishop Eddie Long, and builds momentum through to the finale –the electifying live remake of Dottie’s hit “Testify”. This is the best Dottie People’s album yet.

Producer: Dottie Peoples
AIR Gospel

— reviewed by Stan North —

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