Pop Winans

Previously known for projects with his wife (Mom Winans), Pop ventures out on his own with this debut solo release. The patriarch of Pop Winans CDone of gospel’s most famous families hits the market with a unique project, aptly titled Uncensored, and showcases a return to his quartet roots with a slickly-produced traditional album that is certain to turn some heads.

The bringing together of artists from a unique group of Gospel genres yields a project for the ages, as the elder Winans assembles a group of background singers that he calls The Winanaires, consisting of an all-star cast of The Winans, Winans Phase 2, BeBe Winans, and EMI Gospel artist Darwin Hobbs. This ensemble provides spectacular vocals true to quartet form.

Pop starts the project with a studio rendition of “This Train”, a song most recently appearing on Carleton Pearson’s Live At Azusa 2 project. Also included are several quartet classics and celebrated church hymns, with one of the standouts being “Throw Me Overboard” where Pop and The Winanaires go straight to church.

There are also several memorable moments that could be considered “uncensored” interludes: candid remarks from the Winans patriarch that deal with issues ranging from studio work to Christian lifestyles.

In addition, great production work from Victor and Cedric Caldwell makes this project a 'must have' for gospel fans.

Producers: Victor and Cedric Caldwell
album release date: June 23, 1999
Against The Flow

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner —

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