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Bishop T.D. Jakes
and the Potter's House Mass Choir
The Storm Is Over

The Storm Is Over CDBishop T.D. Jakes knows no limitation when it comes to vision. And it is with authority that he puts his hand to the plow and brings forth one project after another.

Whether it be a state-of-the-art church or his latest book, Bishop Jakes seems to have endless foresight in ways to minister the Word of God to the people. But for all the vision, he hasnít forsaken the very fundamental requirement that we spend time in worship. He reminds us that worship is critical to getting, or remaining in the place where God can move you from a time of waiting, through a time of trouble, and on to victory.

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On the first release off of the newly joined Dexterity Sounds and EMI Gospel, Bishop Jakes along with the Potterís House Mass Choir present The Storm is Over Now. Recorded live at the 'New House' in December 2000, The Storm is a palette of congregational praise and worship music to guide you through from wherever you are to wherever He would have you to be.

The project begins with a regal intro by Bishop Jakes himself. Immediately you know youíre in for a veritable voyage. You are then guided into "Lord of All", a straight-down-the-middle worship tune with some added narrative spice Jakes. Producer Kevin Bond pens "Bless the Lord", a mid-tempo tune sweetly reminiscent of some of the Bondís work with Kurt Carr. R&B hitmaker R. Kellyís song, "The Storm Is Over Now" is covered with leads from DíAtra Hicks and Rodney Boyden. Musically the picture is drawn with help from string arrangements by Lloyd Barry so vivid that you really can almost see the light.

Pastor Donnie McClurkin adds his gold to the treasure of "Let Your Glory Fill This Place", written by Guy Robinson. And Myron Williams, whose credits include instrumental and arrangement work with the likes of Kim Burrell and Karen Clark-Sheard, guides the energetic "When My Season Comes".

Bishop Jakes gets in a sermonette about reaching for God at all costs on the intro to "Thou Art My Help". He aptly flows in and out of the musical selections at the right times, adding a twinkle to the project without overshadowing it. Thatís tough thing to balance when you wield so much power and have so much to offer.

Bishop T.D. Jakes Speaking of power, Beverly Crawford is her usual unusually commanding self on "Marvelous". This tune, penned by steady-rising writer/producer Myron Butler and ChurchHowse recording artist Ted Winn is clearly one of the highlights of this project.

Shirley Murdock, former R&B queen, leads "Born Again To Win". (Murdock also appeared on Jakesí 1999 release Sacred Love Songs). Instrumental notables include Cedric Thompson on keys, Joey Woolfolk on guitar and bassman Maurice Fitzgerald and the Nashville String Machine on the live work. In the studio, the roster in the studio is certainly no slouch either.

Click on this image to download your digital audio postcard souvenir of The Storm Is Over This Potterís House Mass Choir release has all the trappings mecessary for greatness — quality vocals, the best musicians, standout leads, solid production and God-inspired material. Of course the stamp of the Bishop doesnít hurt either!

It all pulls together nicely for a well-rounded release that will set the tone for your worship experience, in the valley or on the mountaintop, or in the New House.

Producers: Kevin Bond, Sanchez Harley, Steve Lawrence
album release date: March 13, 2001
EMI Gospel/Dexterity Sounds

ó reviewed by Melanie Clark ó

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