Motor City Mass Choir
Revival In The House

The latest of the ...In the House worship and praise series uses a slightly different blueprint. The architects and builders remain the same, with Fred Hammond’s renowned Face to Face production team remaining prominent, and The Motor City Mass Choir bringing solid mass vocals to Revival In The House CDthe table. However, Revival in the House has an urban finish that goes far beyond any of its five predecessors.

Gone is the in-your-face “this is a track” sound, replaced by the one-two punch of live bass (Fred Hammond) and live drums (Marvin McQuitty) laid over Tommy Walker's expert keyboard programming. The difference in effect is astounding, completely opening up the sound and the feel of the project. True to the series concept, the 12 cuts on this album are again pulled from the seemingly endless Integrity praise and worship song catalogue, and given an urban facelift.

PamKenyon Donald’s sizzling lead on Paul Wilbur’s “It Is Good” is nothing short of stupendous, with the driving “lai lai lai” choir rhythms driving the cut to glorious heights. Ron Kenoly’s “Jesus Is Alive” becomes a street-worthy celebration, and “People Just Like Us” —originally an Australian Hillsong— bumps to the beat with the help of worship leaders Jerome Johns and Marsha Johns.

The revival-themed song trio of “Revive Us Lord”, “Revive Us Again” and “Revival Fire Fall” are Revival In The Housepresented back-to-back-to-back, each simmering with an appropriate flame, slow and worshipful, thoroughly urban. Also notable is the familiar Radical For Christ voice of David Ivey, who leads in call and response fashion on “But For Grace”.

Integrity President Michael Coleman is absolutely correct in stating that “there is no more important activity of the human heart than to praise and worship God”. This astonishing collection in this vital series opens the door wide open for just that.

Producers: Fred Hammond, Tommie Walker, PamKenyon Donald, David Ivey
album release date: September 28, 1999

— reviewed by Stan North

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