Judith Christie-McAllister
Send Judah First

Judith Christie-McAllister has caught the attention of worshippers through her songs and work with the ground-breaking West Angeles COGIC Saints in Praise series over the years.

Send Judah First CDSend Judah First marks her solo debut on her own label (Judah Music), a generous selection of 15 tracks of predominantly high energy-driven praise and worship.

Gathering a select group of nine vocalists around her, Christie-McAllister has a rich palette from which to draw her praise. Notable among them are former 1NC member Markita Knight, Nikkie Potts and Yvette Williams (both hailing from the Kurt Carr Singers) and David Daughtry of LA Mass. Together, they bring out beautifully tight harmonies, expressed throughout, but particularly on songs such as “Selah” which begins with a quiet simmer of thanks but vamps to soaring sounds of gratitude by its end.

With the exception of the gently rising cut titled “The Prayer of Recommitment” (where Chaz Shepherd handles lead), Christie-McAllister is prominent in front of the songs on the disk.

The uptempo title cut, "Send Judah First" begins in a military unison and breaks out in powerful trumpeting harmonies reminding us of the power of sending the praise before us in our varying life situations. Guitar touches by Jonathan DuBose reinforces his usual exceptional artistry.

Staying with the guitar vibe, smooth jazzster Doc Powell brings his seasoned acoustic guitar into the mix on “The Worshipper’s Prayer”, a gently simple and prayerful ode to our Lord, expressing our desire “be with You, to sup with You, to commune with You, behind the veil”.

Judith Christie-McAllisterIn keeping with the trend of the millennium, "This is the Day" taps some latin flava. Heavy ethnic percussion by Alberto Salas, authenticates this praise that admonishes to exalt Him salsa-style.

Praise and worship music has developed into its own category, and the diversity within the sub-genre is vast and still growing. Christie-McAllister's Send Judah First covers alot of that territory nicely, without being too dispersed. You can surely find your praise and worship needs met here, whether it be a sweet serenade to the Lord, or a good old fashioned shout.

Send Judah First is a timely tool to help us worship our way to the sure victory that He has promised. Selah.

Producers: Judith Christie-McAllister, Jason White
album release date: August, 2000
Judah Music

— reviewed by Melanie Clark and Stan North

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