The Sensational Nightingdales
God's Word Through Song

Still going strong after in excess of 50 years (!), The Sensational Nightingales continue to offer projects that satisfy the ears of their fans, and the ears of quartet enthusiasts in general.

The 'Gales' are an essential group, and one that easily makes the short list of many on the 'who's who' of Gospel pioneers. Perhaps the first thing that strikes you about their latest project, is the apparent discrepancy on the God's Word Through Song CDfront cover. There's only three of these "Gentlemen of Song". Perservering nevertheless, the trio makes a definite mark with their trademark quartet sound on God's Word Through Song.

Jo Jo Wallace, Horace Thompson and Richard Luster forge a complete heritage-laced set by relying on straight-forward lyrics, a steady blend of traditional beats and Jo Jo Wallace's familiar guitar arpeggio that begins many a song. Notable are the three cuts penned by their former lead vocalist, Charles Johnson: "You, I and Everyone", "Saved By His Grace" and "The New Jerusalem". Each one adds to the solid repertoire of the album.

The winning track of the lot is "This May Be First Day". Written by Jo Jo Wallace and Darrell Luster, the instrumental arrangment sets a rock-steady rhythm and bass groove with the 'Gales overlaying with harmonies and spoken word Gospel. It's quartet music at its best.

Completing the 10-track CD are a trio of re-arranged familiar songs, including "Glory to His Name" and "More Love to Thee", demonstrating that they don't call 'em classics for no reason.

Like the previous 16 albums by The Sensational Nightingdales, count God's Word Through Song as a keeper too.

Producers: Jo Jo Wallace and Horace Thompson
album release date: November 16, 1999
Malaco Records

reviewed by Stan North

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