Sisters and Brothers

Jules Bartholomew is known for his work with Hezekiah Walker, both as a song-writer ("Calling My Name", "On Time", Come Home") and as an organist and keyboardist. Now, with this independent project, Bartholomew gives himself plenty of room to explore these talents. Sisters and Brothers is the name of the group that he hasSisters and Brothers assembled, and you know that this is serious business when you consider that vocalists such as Timiney Figueroa and Ernest ("Estee") Bullock are involved.

From beginning to end, this project is chock full of great material, from the complete remake of "Calling My Name", featuring Anaysha Figueroa, to the hiphop jam "Shout It Out". One cut that particularly stands out is the praise and worship medley "Emmanuel", in which powerful lyrics are reinforced by an awe-inspiring vocal arrangement. Check out the intense and personal lyrics also prominent in "Forgave Me".

This studio album has some roughness around the edges inherent with most independent projects, by no means does this distract from the beauty, the intensity and the promise of this gospel gem from Sisters and Brothers.

(This CD may be hard to find; if it's not at your local Gospel music store, you can order it directly from the artist's management group at 516-928-5589)

Producer: Jules Bartholomew
Joyful Noise Music Group

reviewed by Stan North

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