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Pure Gospel: Young Soldiers of Praise

Pure Gospel: Young Soldiers of Praise is nice addition to the growing number of compilations available.

Brent Jones and TP Mobb’s "Rough Edges", Deitrick Haddon’s duet with Damita on the simmeringly funky "The Potter", and Deitrick’s and John P. Kee’s tag team effort on “Double Team” are a nice combo.

Pure Gospel CDIt’s been far too long since we’ve heard from Lisa Scott, so the fast forward of two of her songs from her 1995 Crystal Rose debut is welcome. And Rodney Posey’s and Derrick Starks’ contributions round it out well.

Oh, but wait.

What truly distinguishes this Crystal Rose project is the inclusion of those remixes. Special Gift has one, with a live mix of "More Than Just A Friend", and Rodney Bryant’s "He’s A Keepa" previously found on Tyscot's Dancin’ in tha Spirit Vol. 2 makes a showing.

But the real killer is the never-heard-before mix of Ricky Dillard and New G’s “That’s Just Like Him”. Most remixes add a hyper element to the original. But it would hard to do that here, as the original mix (from the superb No Ricky DillardLimit project) with its dance beat and pulsing, DJ friendly vibe, is hardly in need of more action.

In steps Farley Williams, aka JackMasterFunk, to throw you a remix twist. Calling it the "Straight Up Remix", he actually tones it down a little. It’s a glorious work, as over its just under 9 minutes length we hear Dillard and choir bring it down to a church flava.

Sure, there’s that twinge of club feel that remains percolating in the background, but the in your face vocals are what really drives this one. Especially so mid-track, where some nicely worked solo call and digital echo response of 'that's just like Him' makes for some emphatic emphasis of the lyrical point to the song.

There’s no one just like Jesus, and you can’t say it, or sing it, enough.

Producers: Various
album release date: late 2000
Crystal Rose Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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