Something To Sing About
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A soundtrack is supposed to reflect the movie it stems from. This soundtrack to the made-for-television Billy Graham-sponsored Something To Sing About does just that. Nearly all the cuts come straight from the music you hear in the movie (see movie review).

Something to Sing
 About CDStarring the suprisingly-seasoned singing voice of former Family Matters cast member Darius McCrary throughout (he also stars in the movie), the album also features the production and songwriter of longtime urban Gospel innovator, Brent Jones (see interview). (It's probably also relevant to note that while Kirk Franklin does have a role in the movie, he does not appear on the soundtrack.)

Jones takes songs such as "Move That Mountain", "Blessed Assurance" and "Rejoice" turns them around a bit so their familiar melodic strains catch a whiff of street. Not necessarily urban, they're far enough beyond the usual arrangement to generate broad-based appeal from a target audience not necessarily looking for a jeep-bumpin' experience.

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Musical Supervisor for the soundtrack, Neily Dickerson, operates Church Howse Music. See our profile of her emerging record label.

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McCrary provides a soulful, interpretation of "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" (which seems to be a prerequisite for Gospel soundtracks in recent years), which begins simply with keyboard accompaniment before heading off into a rhythmic full-band ending. There's a similar pattern to "Take My Hand Precious Lord". Backed by a 6-voice ensemble, organ and rhythm quickly tie a bouncy, dance-mix-influenced sound to the Thomas Dorsey classic.

Also included in the mix of cuts are a number of orchestral themes from the movie score —some solid work from the pen of composer James Covell. The Darius McCraryoccasional touch of movie dialogue is just right to provide some context to the music, yet doesn't distract either.

With Anointed's previously-released hit, "Under The Influence" plus an engaging title track duet from Johnny Britt and Donna McAfee rounding out the CD, this project is sure to please those looking for a musical reminder of the inspiring movie.

Producer: Brent Jones
Musical Supervisor: Neily Dickerson
album release date: June, 2000
World Wide Pictures

reviewed by Stan North

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