Soul - Soul

"We are SOUL, we got sounds for your soul,
we’re here to let you know
Who it is we stand for…"

Soul emerges from the US Northwest with a self-titled debut project crammed with smooth gospel jams from an impressive array of gospel songwriters. This hand-picked 9-member youthful group accurately define themselves as "a group of refreshing, energetic yet smooth contemporary vocalists, singing gospel lyrics with urban grooves."

Quality is the key-word to the project, and is driven home by the same solid Trinity Records team responsible for the Stellar-award winning Kenny Smith project, So Real.

The Rhythm and Praise style shines through, captivating the ear from the irresistable "Come On Home", to the riding rap flows of Aminta Davis on "I Will Bless the Lord" and Crystal Odom on "Uptown". The inclusion of a souful remake of the classic Commissioned song "I Love Thinking of U" led me to grab the liner notes for a quick study of the album credits. Derek S. Clark wrote most of the songs, with support from Anson Dawkins on the strong cut "Heat of the Moment".

Various members of Soul, such as Nehemiah Booker and Crystal Aiken, also contribute to the song composition mix. The instrumental backup on this project consistently serves to support the strong vocals, never distracting from the lyrical message, and always providing the hooks that are required for good song.

With all these qualities going for it, and considerably more, remember that you read it here first... pencil in this group as definite 'New Artist of the Year' material.

Producers: Troy E. Wright and Derek S. Clark  

Trinity Records

— reviewed by Stan North —

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